Today at Google’s annual conference, I/O, the company announced a partnership with VMware. This news immediately turned our minds to the possibilities for enterprise app developers.

What we see is that like the parent companies, the partnership has a bit of genius embedded in the way it offers more tools and choice to developers for scaling, experience, and speed to market.


One of the things offered in this partnership is the ability to use Google Apps Cloud as a target for the cloud.

In many ways, mobile is the killer app for apps in the cloud. It is where the most notible change is happening – for the better – in opening up services to more form factors.

Spring is a lead Java development pattern that is used by a large number of enterprise Java developers. With this partnership, Google is bringing its widget library to SpringSource and developers.

One of the innovations in the Spring community is SpringRoo, a tool that helps quickly ramp up a data-driven environment. Shown here is VMware and Google’s view of the power of using Spring along with Google’s presentation widgets to get apps started in hours, delivered in days, and deployed in weeks.

What is new in Google Apps for Business: Buy, Buy, Build

The company is offering the opportunity for application developers to plug into the Google Apps Engine. This adds an ability to include local applications in the shared services in the Google Cloud, and for administers to provision both enterprise applications as well as Google and Google Marketplace to users.

New features for the Google Apps for Business include features for managing applications.

Here, Google shares the landscape of the App Engine and the core premise of having scaling infrastructure on demand.

Google shared its pricing model for the preview. The cap on application provisioning costs is a particularly innovative approach to getting attention in the enterprise.

The Google App Engine for Business roadmap is here.

What do you think: Is Google helping make your work better?

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