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ar, vr on automobile industry

Effects of AR and VR on the Automobile Industry

Advancements in technology have always resulted in improvements that have made life better. Technology making life better continues in the pharmaceutical industry, the mining industry, the healthcare industry, and even the automotive industry for that matter. Making life better for everyone is the purpose of implementing technological advancement in the first place. Two such advancements […]

The Pros and Cons of Founding a Startup During a Recession

With the economy in an inevitable tailspin toward the first recession in over a decade, there remains ample click bait apocalyptic article titles touting the economy’s inevitable downfall. The most alarming recent data is the millions that filed for unemployment in a single week–the largest such black swan event in the history of the country. […]

business data visualization

Top 2020 WordPress Plugins for Business Data Visualization

Data visualization is a trendy process now which could take raw data in any form as input and convert those to easily understandable visual presentation. The data visualization technique of converting raw data into insights have been there into practice for many decades now — and most of the data is moving to the cloud. […]

Top Virtual Keynote Speakers

20 Top Virtual Keynote Speakers

With the world on lockdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, conferences and workshops are being cancelled or postponed until further notice. If you were organizing an event for your company and don’t know how to continue, contact a virtual keynote speaker. With modern technology, video conference calls are easy to set up and can […]

customer support faster

How to Provide Customer Support on Social Media Faster

Providing customer support on social media isn’t optional for brands these days. When it takes days or weeks to get a reply on social media, your customers lose interest in your brand, which can ruin your reputation. The days when using phone calls were enough to provide customer support are far behind us. Over the […]

video marketing

4 Video Lead Generation Strategies for More Engagement

The use of video lead generation in sales and marketing has been growing in popularity over the years. I’ve been on the marketing, sales development, and account executive side of the business, and it’s clear from my personal experience that fewer people are picking up the phone. Between that and overcrowded inboxes, it’s challenging to […]

workplace visibility

The Modern Workplace Demands Better Visibility 

The digital economy is giving businesses a clear path to happier employees and lower costs by embracing one of the biggest trends and demands: remote work. The technology was once powered idyllic dreams of typing on the beach. Now, this dream of remote work has become a driving force in the workplace. Remote work fuels […]

10 Ways Blockchain is Impacting Real Estate Investing

There are very few proven, reliable investments that you can feel assured will continue to appreciate and cash flow for decades to come. Real estate is one of them. Real estate is a finite commodity with both intrinsic and emotional value. It’s something that people need for shelter, business, entertainment, and recreation. And regardless of […]