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buyer persona

How to Create a Buyer Persona for B2B Marketing

To maximize your marketing campaign reach and get your content seen by the right audience, it’s important to get to know your customers. Where do they go for trusted sources of information? What goes into their buying decisions? Knowing these answers can help you plan whole campaigns that target your ideal customers. The way to […]

google's core web vitals

How to Navigate Google’s New Great Page Experience Rankings

Last May, Google announced that in May 2021, it would be updating its algorithm to align with user desire for a “great page experience.” What the new Core Web Vitals update means is that this year, three specific page experience signals will affect a website’s ranking in search results. How to Navigate Google’s New Great […]

Should Your Startup Stay Remote or Head Back to the Office?

In the past year, millions of businesses have transitioned to working from home. Many of these businesses have had plans to retain this operational model permanently – but a great deal of these changes were intended to be temporary measures to accommodate the pandemic.  Similarly, many new businesses emerging in the modern world begin with […]

iot improving healthcare

7 Ways IoT Is Improving the Health Care Industry

The IoT is one of the most disruptive technologies across all industries today. There are already more than 50 billion connected items in use, and that figure keeps climbing as more organizations realize their benefits. One of the fastest-growing and potentially revolutionary use cases is IoT medical devices. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is […]

user-generated email

Could 2021 Become the Year of User-Generated Email Content?

Marketing has come in the 21st Century and it’s reassuring to know that customers still know best. In an age where building trust is more important than ever for businesses — could 2021 become the year of user-generated email content? Could 2021 Become the Year of User-Generated Email Content? Email marketing has remained a significant […]

link building strategies

Link Building Strategies for a New Business in 2021

Link building is the heart of SEO. It is a practice that is seen favorably by marketers and business owners alike. The process is obvious as link building is one of the top two criteria by which Google evaluates your website for descending authority. In the coming years, the practice of link building is said […]

diversity hiring

Supporting Greater Diversity Hiring in a Post-Geographic World

As the world grows increasingly digital during this pandemic, businesses need more tech talent than ever to support accelerated digital transformations, remote workers, and other tech investments. Leaders were already struggling to identify and recruit talent with the processes and resources they had before COVID-19, but as demand grows, the tech skills gap is stretching even wider. Companies’ inability […]

going pulic ipo

Considering Going Public? Here’s How to Prepare for an IPO

Everyone loves an IPO. Investors see the first issuing of public stock as a way to get in on the ground floor of the next Apple or Tesla. For tech startups, an IPO represents the ultimate validation of their vision — not to mention a prime opportunity to raise enough capital to turbocharge growth. Considering Going […]


Why We Shouldn’t Fear Elon Musk’s Cyber Pig

In August of 2020, a curious hashtag started trending that was strange, even by Twitter’s standards: #CyberPig. This was a sobriquet for Gertrude, a hog serving as the star of the latest eye-popping PR event for Elon Musk’s Neuralink. The display was more reminiscent of a magic show than a PR event. And as the former vice president of […]

What Tech Talent Wants in a Benefits Package

What Tech Talent Wants in a Benefits Package

Never before has it been so difficult to accrue top tech talent. Even during the pandemic, the best programmers, designers, and project managers are all in greater demand than ever before. It’s a given that a business needs to offer generous salaries if it wants to hire a great team of techies, but where exactly […]

VR and AR

VR and AR Can Reshape Manufacturing Training

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tech allow individuals to add computer-generated graphics or informational overlays to the room they’re in. Users can also transport themselves to a completely digital interactive environment. In the past, technology was limited to academic and research use — and more recently, consumer tech is used in applications like […]

digital banking

7 Tips to Make Digital Banking Transformation Successful

Modernizing legacy systems doesn’t occur overnight. It’s an incremental process that varies for every organization, contingent on its anticipated needs and target goals. For many organizations in the financial industry, this means integrating advanced analytics, mobile technologies, cloud computing, cybersecurity, among other things. The main objective is to develop an efficient and flexible infrastructure. An […]

The Problems Startup Entrepreneurs Face When Incorporating New Technology

Technology is a practical requirement of every modern business. You’ll use computers throughout the workday to communicate with others, manage projects, and coordinate resources. You’ll rely on cloud computing, email servers, data storage, artificial intelligence and countless other tech services to operate. And over the years, you’ll be responsible for finding and integrating new technologies […]

journalism, media

The Tech Issues at the Heart of Our Flawed Modern Journalism

We’re in the middle of a crisis in journalism in the United States, and in many countries throughout the developed world. We collectively rely on news media to provide us with accurate, informative, and important information on which we can make decisions and build our lives. When that information is inconsistent, unreliable, or distorted — […]

fund administration

Data Ops in Fund Administration Require a Human Touch

Today’s large fund administrators service hundreds to thousands of fund managers and institutional investors. Automation is driving down margins across the investing industry. Price competition has become fierce. There is a great deal of talk about technology being an edge. And executives are turning to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The goal is to reduce […]