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Increasing Business Credit the Safe and Smart Way

Competition is fierce for startups and with so many leading causes of startup failure (insufficient financing, poor planning, not enough marketing, lack of understanding of customers’ needs), wouldn’t you do whatever you could to avoid common pitfalls like these? Finances are a major contributor to whether or not a startup survives. Because technology is always […]

Is Your Chief Security Officer Prepared for M&A?

Very few data breaches have garnered as much attention recently as the Starwood/Marriott breach in which up to 500 million records may have been accessed by an unauthorized user. It’s suspected that the encryption keys that protected personally identifiable information (PII), specifically payment card data, were also compromised. Much has been written about what is […]

Why IoT Has Consistently Fallen Short of Predictions

Why IoT Has Consistently Fallen Short of Predictions

The term “internet of things” (IoT) was first mentioned in 1999, but it really started gaining traction in the early 2010s. Since then, big tech companies, futurists, and industry analysts have promised a future for consumers that involves fully connected households, where every appliance is stitched together in a web of interconnectivity and high-tech convenience. […]


How to Build a Better Tech Talent Pipeline

With potential competitors in the tech space cropping up every second, it’s more important than ever to have the talent necessary to give your business a competitive edge. In our increasingly digital world, building a strong tech talent pipeline is vital for your company to succeed. Unfortunately, research shows that goal may be difficult to […]

Air Travel is Far Safer Than You Think: Here’s Why

Air Travel is Far Safer Than You Think: Here’s Why

Very few people are afraid of traveling by car, while millions of Americans are afraid of flying. But would you be surprised to learn that air travel is actually far safer than driving down the interstate? Here’s What the Numbers Say You’ve seen plenty of movies with airplane crashes. Films like United 93, We Are […]

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Big Data and Cognitive Business Disruption is all You Need to Know

The future has arrived. Today, computers can nearly mimic the human mind’s ability to learn, think, reason, analyze and make decisions. This technology is called cognitive computing. Often, cognitive computing is confused with other emerging data science advancements such as business intelligence (BI), deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML). However, what differentiates cognitive computing […]

healthcare and tech

Healthcare is Booming Hand-in-Hand With the Technology Industry

There isn’t a single sector that has not been revolutionized by Technology in the past decade. Everyday conversation, commute and companionships have changed. Nevertheless, the Healthcare industry has come a long way than any other industry could have imagined. To say that technology has transformed the healthcare industry would be an understatement in many levels. […]


3 Insurance Technology Trends That Will Rule The Roost in 2019

We’re sure you’ll agree when we say: traditionally, the insurance industry worldwide has been dominated by massive national brands and legacy product lines and age-old technology. The change is already here and more changes are expected to disrupt the global insurance industry. The rapid evolution of insurance technology or insurtech that’s making waves in the […]

3 Ways to Build an Exceptional Marketing Team

Building a team is hard — just ask any coach in history. A team must be a collection of individual talents that gels into a sum greater than its parts. Choosing the constituent members is difficult enough. Getting them to communicate and collaborate seamlessly is even harder. Companies need great teams across the enterprise, but […]

growth in health sector, vaccines

Pneumococcal Vaccines Market to Incur Rapid Growth Expected 2018-2028

Future Market Insights (FMI) delivers the key insights on the global pneumococcal vaccines market in its upcoming report titled “Pneumococcal Vaccines Market: Global Industry Analysis occurred in 2013–2017. But the Opportunity Assessment 2018 – 2028,” is for the next nine years. In terms of revenue, the global pneumococcal vaccines market is projected to register a CAGR of 9.1 […]

Ikonick Canvas Art Makes a Statement

Whether you work in a traditional office space or work remotely from a home office, personalizing the space creates a conducive environment for feeling productive. One way to make such a statement is with artwork. However, art can be expensive. Except, there’s Ikonick canvas art that makes art accessible to everyone, including startup founders and […]

25 Last Minute Gifts For the Office Geek In All Of Us

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers, we all have office spaces that we like to call our own. And, with so many gadgets and tech toys now hitting the market for work and play, it’s easy to geek out. Now, during the holidays, there’s more to add to your wish list or get your fellow […]

Zoom Video Communications Acquires

We are HUGE fans of Zoom Meetings at Readwrite. We use them for almost all our interviews. Today we noticed something very peculiar. redirects to (home for Zoom). We’ve reached out to Zoom to confirm the price. I’m guessing it was in the $1mm cash + $5-10mm stock range. But that’s just a […]

What are the IoT applications in Transportation Industry?

What are the IoT Applications in the Transportation Industry?

The internet of things (IoT) is a popular term these days that are used to interrelate computing devices, digital machines, and mechanical objects. IoT technology is used to transfer data over a network without any human interaction. A plenty of organizations are using IoT to improve their efficiency and to better understand their customers. This […]