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slack, goals and productivity

6 Productivity Hacks from Slack

The way companies work is rapidly changing. On average, companies use over 1,000 tools to run their business, and although plenty of informational tools are designed to help workplaces succeed, none of that matters if the tools are not easy to navigate. It’s critical to effectively gather, organize, and share information to improve the knowledge […]

reducing IT support cost

How to Reduce IT Support Costs for Multi-User Computing Environments

With the number of tech-savvy users rising rapidly, public access computing has become a popular choice for global entities across different industrial verticals. Such internet-powered, shared workstations available for public access are now a common sight in educational institutes, retail organizations, banking areas, healthcare organizations, and public libraries. By offering instant access to digital resources […]

AI will continue to build in importance in business strategy

11 Artificial Intelligence Trends Every Business Must Know in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game changer for global businesses, opening doors to innumerable possibilities. With the integration of AI in businesses, the global economy is excepted to grow exponentially in the coming years. Although the introduction of AI into business strategies is considered a revolutionary idea, what most business executives struggle with is […]

Driving Cloud Transformation Through IoT Solutions

Space is limited – make sure you reserve your spot for the IoT in Action event in Houston! Register for free today! As computing becomes more deeply embedded in the real world, powerful new opportunities arise to transform revenue, customer experiences, safety and productivity – to name a few. We’re also seeing intelligent cloud and […]

understanding or underestimating crypto

10 Years After Bitcoin Began, are We Underestimating Crypto?

In the 10 years since Bitcoin was created, a lot has happened to cryptocurrency. Do we understand crypto any better? Are we underestimating it? Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, and even Satoshi Nakamoto went from obscurity to something we might see on mainstream news. Completely new industries around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology sprung up. Investors and early […]

freelancers should fear Brexit

How Brexit Will Affect Self-Employment

Many of the self-employed workers are employed in sectors such as tech and finance — two industries that could potentially see a drain in people and investment if the UK’s economy takes a nosedive in the wake of the country leaving the EU. Interestingly, 63 percent of the UK’s five million who call themselves self-employed […]

AR can be added to your business app for monitary advantage

Why You Should Use Augmented Reality in Your Business App

Augmented reality has significantly transformed the way we use our smartphones in the current era. With the enhanced interactivity becoming the biggest priority; AR has reinvented the way the users interact and receive information. Have you ever wondered about the powerful engine that derives extremely high-end user experience by combining sounds and visuals on your […]

tax season again; take advantage of big data and tech

It’s Tax Season: Is Your Business Making the Most of Big Data and Tech?

More and more, legislators leverage big data technology for the study and reform of important tax issues that affect businesses. In addition, accounting experts use technology to inform their decision-making when analyzing and debating tax reforms. When running an enterprise, there are many things to consider. Taxes are one thing, however, that you want to […]

AI future

Future of Artificial Intelligence for 2020

Speaking of Millennials and the next rising generation — what differentiates us from our predecessors is the inventions. Humans have now created and add further constructions to almost everything that we can touch in our virtual lives. The only thing common between us, our predecessors and the next generation will be our brains. What is […]