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How Can Cryptocurrency Change Retail Payments?

Cryptocurrency made a poor first impression with the public when it launched, thanks to an association with criminal activity and security loopholes that were not the fault of the blockchain technology on which it runs. Widespread application possibilities got lost among the sensationalism in the news, which included constant stories harping on the radical fluctuations in the value […]

Sisyphus Table: Where Art and Technology Merge

In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was the King of Corinth who received punishment in Hades. While there, Sisyphus had to repeatedly roll a huge stone up a hill because it would immediately roll down as soon as he reached the summit. However, in the case of the Sisyphus Table, there is no punishment. Instead, it delivers a […]

LogiTech MeetUp: A Video Collaboration Tool For Small Groups

With more remote teams and growing trend to use co-working spaces and huddle rooms to get work done, video collaboration platforms have become a key tool. To help conduct these smaller meetings, LogiTech has introduced MeetUp, an all-in-one conference camera that pulls everyone away from the tiny laptop screen and toward a larger, clear way […]

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How Tech Can Help You Tap into Substantial Millennial Spending Power

Retailers can tap into an immense source of spending power if they can successfully market to Millennials, who currently make up more than a third of American workers. Not surprisingly, considering the world in which this generation has come of age, creative uses of technology are proving to be very effective in accomplishing this. According […]

Make Cryptocurrency More Usable With These Non-Crypto Tech Tweaks

Cryptocurrency is no doubt a buzzword to the average consumer, but these potential customers don’t have any idea where to begin the investing process or how to use digital currency. To gain a competitive edge, developers should prioritize the usability of their cryptocurrency apps in order to increase their customer base. Most cryptocurrency applications have sufficient […]

How Digital Marketplaces Will (Again) Redefine Commerce and Experience

Over the past 20-plus years, digital marketplaces have fundamentally transformed commerce and consumer expectations around the world. But although names like Amazon and Uber have become household names at this point, the evolution of and disruption caused by digital marketplaces is far from over. In 1995, eBay launched the mainstream digital marketplace movement with its […]

5 Misconceptions You Should Know About Before Launching Your Tech Startup

With multibillion-dollar tech companies and growth startups making headlines left and right, it’s natural to want to get a piece of the action. Ant Financial, for example, recently closed a ridiculous Series C funding round of $14 billion — one of the largest VC funding rounds in history. The China-based fintech company pushed its value to $150 billion with the latest […]

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How to Open a Company Bank Account for Your Startup & Avoid the Pitfalls

Congratulations on registering your new business! Or if you’re still contemplating forming your business, and just trying to better understand the steps required for having a bank account under the company name, you’re in the right place. Be sure you have seen our Lloyd & Mousilli guide on incorporation here for a step by step analysis. […]

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4 Ways to Enter the Blockchain Industry

Blockchain is, in essence, an encrypted peer-to-peer distributed databases. It’s powered by countless computers located disparately around the world. The system is a growing, ordered collection of records called blocks, each with a timestamp that’s linked to a previous block. The technology uses cryptography to make sure that users can only edit their own blocks. […]

Latest cutting edge trends in web design

Latest Cutting-Edge Trends Followed in Web Design

In the recent years in the digital medium, the latest cutting-edge trends in web design has seen far more shifts and changes in technology and its use — as compared to the traditional print. Eighteen years into this new millennium there is no surprise that there it is still evolving posing a challenge to the web […]

You can find support as an entrepreneur in your corporate job

Yes, Entrepreneurs Can Thrive in Corporate Environments

These entrepreneurs are the ones that work in corporations while working on their innovation. These are they who toiled furiously day and night in their garage, or took out a second mortgage on their home. We’ve all heard the romantic anecdotes of entrepreneurs. How often does this really happen? Is this a requirement for a […]

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Want Work-Life Balance? Look for a City With These 3 Things

Sometimes, it feels as though achieving the exalted work-life balance is more about the stars aligning in your favor than something you can actually control. Some weeks come together easily, while others leave you scrambling to do things like eat and sleep. It’s becoming clear that many factors influence our work-life balance, and one that […]

Can You Get a DUI in a Self-Driving Car?

Cars that drive itself — it’s no longer fictitious. General Motors, Waymo, and Tesla are just some companies that already have prototypes of self-driving vehicles. It’s just a matter of time before they’re brought to market. This raises the question of how it will affect DUI laws. A driving under the influence (DUI) charge has […]

A Quick Guide to Understanding AI’s Impact on the Future of Work

The belief that robots will replace human workers is fairly widespread. Researchers from the Brookings Institution surveyed more than 1,500 internet users on their thoughts about AI, and the results were somewhat predictable. A mere 12 percent suggested that jobs would be created, and 13 percent believed AI would have no effect. These are small numbers indeed compared […]