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Building a Predictive Analytics Model From Scratch

There’s a lot of talk right now about the potential value AI can bring to businesses, and the logistics business – because of its complexity and how much e-commerce depends on it – is no exception. Imagine your e-commerce business needs to ship an order from San Francisco to Seattle and you’ve promised 2-day delivery. It’s […]

emotion sells

Invoking Emotional Advertising to Engage Your Audience

All brands are looking to engage more closely with their target audience and existing customer base. Captivating your intended customer requires connection on a deeper emotional level. Rapport with your objective means using emotion in an authentic way throughout your marketing in a way that can stir that in others. One tactic, emotional ads, has […]

Cyber protect your business

How to Create an Effective Cybersecurity Routine

With your business facing so many competing interests from the cost of securing new finance, your competitors, and a fast-changing market, you might think that cybersecurity is something that can wait. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at the basic things […]

Trade-In: Exchange or Deception?

Flyers are tempting us to quickly and easily exchange an old car for a new one. They assure us that this trade-in and trade-off is profitable. Not all drivers fully understand what the essence of the Trade-In service is, what is it good for and is there a catch to it? In many civilized countries, […]

The Bright Future of Online Banking

The Bright Future of Online Banking

Technology has facilitated all aspects of life – transport, cooking, shopping, studying, entertainment, you name it. Long gone are the days of going through much trouble to do. You can watch a movie with 3D characters stepping out of the screen and cook a healthy super fast meal in under ten minutes. Then, you’ll need […]

AI can save supply chain

Can AI Save the Supply Chain From its Own Destruction?

In the age of click of a button convenience, many see the race to the bottom as competition that is both unsustainable and one where no one wins. Shipping things quickly come at both an environmental cost as well as a monetary cost. As more retailers try to beat each other on price and shipping […]

Website designs will drive IoT integrations

How Website Design Integrates with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things (IoT) is becoming popular across the web. It is revolutionizing the interaction between human and technology, bringing changes to people’s lives. The term “Things” in IoT indicated everyday objects that are connected to the internet. It, IoT, has formed a bond between the real and virtual world. And amusingly, website design and […]

How New Tech Startups Can Differentiate Themselves

How New Tech Startups Can Differentiate Themselves

Most tech entrepreneurs get lost in the logistical plans for their businesses. You’re worried about the timetables and deadlines for your developers or how you’re going to stretch your initial capital investment to last a full six months. These are important considerations, especially for AI and IoT startups tinkering with revolutionary new technologies. However, even […]

Evolving from Decentralization to Centralization – Back to a Decentralized Future

Believe it or not, decentralization is nothing new. It first began with the social organization of ancient human societies. They lived together in small Neolithic decentralized communities of less than 100 people where everyone was accountable for one another. Small populations directly made management easier. Such small communities could easily trust one another, and the […]


How to Enhance Customer Service Through AI

There is no exaggeration in saying that the contemporary era is of automation. People just love automation. Booking movie tickets, or ordering pizza, commaning voice assistants for any task, travel assistance — all of it — we love automation. Automation reduces human efforts but it also empowers users. When it comes to customer service, AI […]