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name your startup

4 Actionable Tips for Naming Your Next Startup

With a lot of conviction and contemplation, you have stepped into the world of startups. You have undergone the grind of evaluating and reevaluating your startup, chalked out a roadmap, did market research, and came up with prototypes. And now you’re ready to manifest your plan into a profitable business. What’s in a Name? But […]

chatbots or humans

Do People Prefer Chatbots or Humans? It Depends.

Chatbots are seemingly taking over the internet and mobile applications. First-time visitors to a site or app now are often greeted by a cheery chatbot seeking to answer questions or guide them through an onboarding process. When site or app users have problems, retailers, banks, and other businesses are asking users if they want to […]

fake news campaigns

3 Ways Businesses Can Tackle Disinformation Campaigns

In an age that everything goes viral on social media within a few hours, disinformation and black propaganda is the last thing that a business needs. An unhappy customer, competitors, or even foreign government-affiliated attackers can be the director of a wide-scale disinformation campaign. Big brands are usually the common targets of disinformation campaigns due […]

more productive in 2021

3 Strategies to Be More Productive in 2021

Deep down, I think we all want to be more productive at work and with life in general. It feels good to get things done and it feels even better when we enjoy the spoils of our efforts. We are well into the first quarter of 2021. It’s time to check our goal progress and […]

market erosion

How Your Organization Can Get Proactive About Market Erosion

The pace of change and competition in today’s business environment is arguably faster than ever before. This situation has occurred, thanks in large part to the adoption of technology across virtually every aspect of business and culture — especially in light of the pandemic. Here is how your organization can get proactive about market erosion. […]

Tech Can Help Bring a Federal Infrastructure Bill to Life

4 Ways Tech Can Bring a Federal Infrastructure Bill to Life

The stimulus bill approved by the House of Representatives in late February was the first of two major budget initiatives President Biden is seeking in the opening months of his administration. The second bill, expected soon, will address the president’s longer-range objective of creating jobs by, among other things, overhauling the nation’s infrastructure. It’s a […]

Is 2021 the Year of Digital Transformation?

Is 2021 the Year of Digital Transformation?

While all large and successful organizations have already gone through significant digital transformation, 2021 may be the year that small and medium-sized businesses dive in headfirst. Are you ready to join the fold by embracing the next iteration of the business world? What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation has been called a lot of things […]


How Blockchain Can Help Employees Get Back to the Office

With many of us itching to return to “business as usual,” health experts say contact tracing is critical, but privacy problems have stymied this effort. Adoption rates are often dismal in countries and regions with contact-tracing apps: In the U.S., for instance, individual states’ adoption rests at 1% to 10% (with some states striking down plans for an […]

When Will Chatbots Become Better Than Humans?

How often do you have full conversations with chatbots? It might happen more than you think.  These days, millions of businesses are employing chatbots for sales, customer service, and dozens of other functions, giving people the fluidity and directness of conversation without requiring an actual human agent to step in.  Some of the advantages of […]

How You Can Use IoT To Enhance Your Business Operations

How You Can Use IoT To Enhance Your Business Operations

IoT is growing as more smart devices, from light bulbs to vacuums, give us more control and automation capabilities. IoT can be a massive benefit to all kinds of business operations. If you want your company to enjoy the advantages of IoT, you’ll be well on your way by reviewing our tips below. Increase Energy […]

IoT for Analysis

How to use Machine Learning for IoT Analysis

Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been the buzzwords for the decade. These technologies find application in almost all industries, from enabling artificially intelligent powered digital assistants to the supply chain’s automation. They have revolutionized not only how we interact on social media but also how we pay the bills. Here is […]


Care for Your Wrist with the CHERRY MW 8 ERGO Mouse

It’s not too fun to worry about business all the time. But to worry about your business and worry about Carpal Tunnel is worse. You have enough to worry about this year keeping up with all of the stressors (like COVID) and other uncontrollable’s. Here is one way you can care for your wrist while […]

improve health

7 Tech Tools Make Winter Bearable and Improve Health

Winter typically means more time spent indoors, and it’s common to lose sight of health and wellness goals as the chilly season drags on. Finding the motivation to stay healthy can be easier when you have measurable data you can use to assess your progress (or the lack of it). We all want to see […]