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connected devices

Connected Devices in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

There are about 26.66 billion connected devices on the planet right now, and forecasts predict around seven connected devices per person in 2020. Employees bring those devices into a workplace and connect them to the internet, many times via the corporate network. Here is connected devices in the workplace, and what you need to know […]

travel industry and ai

Travel Industry Building its Immunity with Artificial Intelligence

The science and art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already racked up vital transformations in varied industries. And the travel industry is no exception to many business verticals affected by AI. No doubt, the context of AI cannot be precisely defined. Here is information about the travel industry building its immunity with artificial intelligence. Artificial […]

ai improve customer service

Improving Customer Service Using Artificial Intelligence

Customer experience is rising to become the top priority of many business companies nowadays. The expectations of these customers with the services provided by an organization are also growing with each passing moment. The need is to have a system that can guarantee improved customer satisfaction, which is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital […]

voice tech financial industry

How Voice Technology is Changing the Financial Industry 

Speech recognition and voice technologies have advanced rapidly in the last few years. Most people use voice-recognition on a regular basis, interacting with Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. In fact, 51% of consumers are already using voice-enabled virtual assistants via a smartphone. Here is how voice technology is changing the financial industry. Voice-enabled devices are to […]

How New Tech Makes It Easier to Invest in Property

How New Tech Makes It Easier to Invest in Property

For more than a century, property investment has been one of the most reliable ways to generate wealth. Aggressive and persistent businesspeople could make smart investments over the course of a lifetime to become billionaires, and even investing-savvy average people with a bit of extra capital could generate an additional stream of income by purchasing […]

internet vehicle market

The Growing Internet of Vehicle Market

The Internet of Vehicle (IoV) market, valued at $66,075 million in 2017, is forecasted to reach $208,107 million by 2024. The reason for this growth can be attributed to rising demands, improvements, and vast upgrades in the automotive industry, the increase in connected devices, and the introduction of Logistics 4.0. Here is the growing internet […]

software pre-launch checklist

Software Pre-Launch Checklist: 6 Things You Have to Do

You’ve got a great idea, and you’re hoping to get the most money out of it. However, even with the best software package in the world, you won’t be earning much if you don’t follow a few basic pre-launch steps. Here is a software pre-launch checklist — six things you have to do. In today’s […]

employee experience

Top Industry Players in Employee Experience Software 2020

Employee experience software enables enterprises to gather continuous data on their work culture and environment through staff surveys that provide feedback on the organization. This solution differs from performance management tools that firms use to track company, division, group, and individual goals. Here are the top industry players in employee experience software in 2020. Employee […]

social media

Social Media has had its Day

Social media was supposed to be the ultimate free speech platform, a place where the world would come together to swap information and share opinions. It would be the battleground of ideas. Someone would say something that looked sensible, face a challenge from someone with a different experience, and new facts, and the world would […]

The Diminishing Returns of Outsourcing and the Fallacy of Automation

No clickbait quite compares to a veiled threat like, “These XX Industries are Those Under Greatest Threat of Annihilation by [insert latest technological advance or cheap labor country here].” It remains in the corporate incentive structure, particularly for public companies, to create systems, processes and wages that significantly reduce costs to bolster bottom-line cash-flow. Unfortunately, […]


Top 12 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

The evolution of technology has brought forward a mass change in the enterprise solution. The infrastructure is evolving with modern amenities and adopting different Software. The adoption of different software is, in turn, helping every individual to grow with modern smart amenities. Here are the top twelve advantages of software as a service or (SaaS). […]

digial marketing strategy

8 Best Digital Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Should Implement

In the last decade, things went from offline to online. People are now searching for clothes on e-commerce websites instead of looking for some stores. Businesses are taking their online presence seriously. Moreover, people are creating millions of dollars through different online services. Here are the eight best digital marketing strategies small businesses should implement. […]

help desk software

Top 10 Best Help Desk Software for 2020

Customer service has become the game-changer in companies, and most businesses are investing a lot in it. Keeping up with technology, businesses have started leaning into AI-powered customer service tools. Here is the top ten best help desk software for 2020. Why is everything about the customer now? Whether you are a startup or a […]

cold emails

How to Send the Warmest Cold Emails

Emails (cold emails or newsletters or transactional emails or whatever you use) are a medium that is as powerful as ever. With more than 3.8 million email users (the number is expected to surpass 4.2 million by 2023), and more than two email addresses per user — it’s safe to say that email is (or […]

smart home apps

What’s Wrong With Smart Home Apps?

Designers underestimate how intuitive a smart home app needs to be to appeal to mainstream users. That’s one of the biggest problems with smart home products. In-house designers want to design something that looks unique and cool. Design consultants are even more motivated to deliver a unique looking design to justify their billable hours. But […]

ipo lessons

3 IPOs and the Lessons They Hold for Today’s Startups

For most startups, it’s no secret that a significant part of their long-term plans is to go public and become the next market darling for investors. The problem most startups have — aside from reaching the critical mass necessary to support an initial public offering (IPO) — is deciding exactly when the conditions are exactly […]