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Top 10 Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business

Do you want to save time and money for workforce tasks? Are you getting annoyed with the unmanaged environment? Of course, being a businessperson, it is tough to manage customers, patients, clients, and it takes a lot of effort to maintain a calendar and execute the plan.  So, to optimally operate the business, it is […]

Regulatory Tips for Medical Tech Startups Regulated by the FDA

Regulatory Tips for Medical Tech Startups Regulated by the FDA

Medical tech startups are regulated by the FDA and must abide by strict regulations at all times. For example, all medical devices must be approved by the FDA. Acting outside of the FDA’s regulations can result in harsh penalties including fines and even jail time. Whether your medical tech startup produces low-risk or high-risk devices, […]

blockchain adoption

Learning From Silicon Valley About Blockchain Adoption

One of Silicon Valley’s most compelling attributes is its lack of interest in the traditional bottom line. While most companies focus on revenue and profitability, Silicon Valley leaders tend to view valuation as a success barometer. Because of this mindset, Valley-based companies don’t mind taking significant risks as long as they help achieve big-picture visions. […]

technological disruption

5 Industries Destined for Technological Disruption

We’ve heard tales of technological transformation for a while, and those stories are (finally) moving into their next chapters. The International Data Corporation suggests that 60% of global GDP will come from digital organizations by 2022. These players are taking advantage of big data, powerful analytics, artificial intelligence, and other key innovations to drive growth. Check out the […]

learn to code

How Students Can Learn Programming Language in College

If you are curious to know how apps and software programs are made, then becoming a computer programmer is the right career path for you. It has a lot of fun and opens a wide range of opportunities for you. Most students pursuing a degree in college in computer science or self-learning programming often find […]

Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

There has been a massive shift in how we build tech companies. The old way of hiring top tier tech talent was to look for talent 20 miles from company HQ or to find talent willing to relocate. Assuming, of course, that personal preferences or H1B visas weren’t a non-starter. Now, remote, distributed teams are the […]

Are You Actually Tech-Savvy or Just Dependent?

We’ve all heard the statistic: Most Americans consider themselves above-average drivers. Just because you think it — is, of course, not reality. In a similar vein, most of us believe ourselves to be tech-savvy when what we really are is merely tech-dependent. We are tech-dependent with our health, our work, our lifestyles and yes, even […]

Smarter Media Buying: Interviews with Experts – Userbase

Media buying is an essential part of any modern business selling to consumers.  In 2019, marketers are expected to spend $333.25 billion globally on digital advertising. Media buying is effective. However, digital advertising is also rife with fraud; Juniper Research estimates $42 billion in ad spend will be wasted on fraudulent sources in 2019. Even […]

How Much of Your Home Life Will Be Automated in 2030?

How Much of Your Home Life Will Be Automated in 2030?

Automation is already taking over your home and your workplace. We’re using complex algorithms to handle back-end processes, and we have in the tech industry for many years, but now users are starting to create their own mini algorithms. For example, if you have a smart home device like a smart thermostat, you may have […]

The Key to Smart Home Success: Safety and Security

The Key to Smart Home Success: Safety and Security

The smart home is the way of the future, but it comes with its own set of risks and potential downsides. If you’re going to install some of the latest connected devices into your home, make sure you prioritize safety and security at every point along the way. The Rise of the Smart Home The […]

Boost employee morale

6 Ways to Boost Employee Morale With Visual Communication

Do your Sales, Support, or Creative teams have the blues? Could your employee morale use some help? If productivity around the workplace is little slow, or people seem a little melancholy, and nobody seems particularly excited to strive for a greater, common purpose — you may have an employee morale problem on your hands. While […]

IoT and Personalization: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Who doesn’t want insane traffic and qualified leads for their business? If you want a sure-shot tip to engage customers on your website, here it is: Understand the customer’s journey. Everything kicks off in the right direction if you understand the intention of the customer. The customer of today is intelligent regarding what to buy […]