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Arrow & Microsoft: The New Product Lifecycle

Connected products are changing the business landscape and transforming entire industries. The ability to create integrated digital connections, from the edge all the way to the cloud is enabling new business models that capitalize on novel value-added services, and simultaneously open new modes for humans to interact with machines. While the promise and potential of […]

Revolutionizing eCommerce Marketing

5 ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing eCommerce Marketing

Marketing strategies are continuously changing due to increasing technological advancement. Technology is responsible for raising the exceptions of people all around the globe. With an increase in innovations, it’s pretty obvious that customers are expecting more and companies are doing everything to can to remain in their good list. Consequently, competition between companies seems to […]

Wasserstein Smart Wi-Fi Plug: A Plug and Play Solution

We all seem to have more devices than ever, which means we now need an effective way to manage them. That’s exactly what the  Wasserstein Smart Wi-Fi Plug intends to give you. A group of Amazon resellers founded the smart home company behind the plug. Wasserstein also makes other quality connected products like security camera mounts as […]

Prodigious Customer Service: Live Chat vs Chatbots

Prodigious Customer Service: Live Chat vs Chatbots

The world of business has changed. Technological has prepared a smooth landing surface for customers where they can choose the business they want to go along with. Will there be better, even prodigious customer service with live chat or with chatbots? First the internet, then digitalization, and now the ascent of future-techs like artificial intelligence, […]

Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing Are a Perfect Match

Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing are a Perfect Match

In its purest form, remanufacturing is taking previously used products or their previously used parts, putting them all back together again. You then reselling them — generally at a cheaper price. Remanufacturing is common for such products as medical devices, wood, computers, machinery, vehicles, toner cartridges, and much more. Blockchain technology can ultimately revolutionize the […]

how fintech companies use AI

How AI Technologies Help Banks and FinTech Startups

The financial industry was one of the first to adopt and enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). The annual budgets of large banks amount to billions of dollars, which is comparable to the state budgets of some developing countries. No surprise that banks and financial organizations will be the key drivers of AI R&D […]

What to Expect from a Modern IoT Platform in 2019

What to Expect from a Modern IoT Platform in 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing at an unprecedented rate and can help businesses deliver new opportunities and be successful in the long run. The promise of a vibrant future that IoT holds can be deciphered from the following facts: 7 billion active IoT devices on a global level (IoT Analytics report) The number […]

4 Best Practices for Tech Firms Managing a Contingent Workforce

4 Best Practices for Tech Firms Managing a Contingent Workforce

Contingent workers have long played a vital role in the success of tech companies, but reports of poor treatment of contract workers have recently been highlighted in the news. Here are the four best practices for tech firms managing a contingent workforce. In February, Bloomberg News reported that contract workers for Apple faced some less-than-ideal working conditions. Workers […]

Streaming Services

Top Streaming Services

As you’ve probably noticed, there are so many streaming services out there! In the past year alone, several new services have joined the party, and even more are on the horizon. And subscribing to all of them would cost more than even cable TV! As more streaming services compete for our budgets, it’s now more […]

From Smart Home to Aware Home

From Smart Home to Aware Home

A recent study reports that US broadband households own more than 10 connected devices. What will happen when they start talking and working together?  Will your home become aware? Finding out how all these connected devices will work together is still an unknown — and a top priority. The industry is focused on improving and […]