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AR/VR surgery proficiency

Improving Surgical Performance and Physician Proficiency With AR/VR Simulations

Here is ReadWrite Q&A with FundamentalVR.  *Many thanks to Richard Vincent, CEO, and co-founder of FundamentalVR, for his time, responses and answers in this interview.   Can you give an overview of the Fundamental Surgery platform and the problem it solves? Multiple studies have shown surgical simulations can improve physicians’ cognitive, psychomotor, and technical performance. […]


6 Smart Insights You Can Use to Guide Your eCommerce

When eCommerce revenue hit $700 billion in 2017, statistics confirmed how rapid and constantly it will grow by 23 percent year over year. Meanwhile, this has always been the hope for eCommerce owners. Amazon is a prominent example; this company has confirmed how fast the shopping world is going. Amazon first launched back in 1994, […]

A Look at How the IoT is Transforming Law Enforcement for the Better

A Look at How the IoT is Transforming Law Enforcement for the Better

Law enforcement is always looking for ways to improve technology and expand capabilities. Could the IoT provide the boost these departments need to enhance safety and achieve better results? Refresher: What is the IoT? If you’re in the law enforcement industry, you’re probably not familiar with what the IoT actually is. You know the name […]

web hosting providers

The 8 Most Impressive Web Hosting Providers Of 2020

Welcome to my comprehensive review of the 8 most impressive web hosting providers of 2020. In this guide, I’ll take a look at the most reliable web hosting service providers, including A2Hosting, DreamHost, and Bluehost. I will be profiling commercial web hosting services that use WordPress, VPS, shared hosting, and many more web hosting services; […]

WFH teams

Keeping WFH Teams Engaged — Live Webinar

2020 has thrown the entire world a real curveball when it comes to where and how we work together.  Just a year ago, as a company, we were mulling over the benefits of having some of our employees work from home. We considered that we would start with a few trusted team members working from […]

What’s the Future of AI Writing?

For the past several years, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) experts have worked on algorithms that can write articles and other types of content in ways previously thought to be exclusively writable by human beings. As these technologies get more advanced, we’re gradually approaching an era where machines could write content better the […]

agile workflow

How to Use an Agile Workflow to Grow Your Business

Agile was born as an iterative approach to software development. Since then, it grew beyond the IT field. Now companies apply Agile workflow across industries for everything from marketing to developing hardware and aerospace engineering. And the reasons for that are entirely obvious. They include an impending economic crisis, an unstable business environment, increased competition, […]


The RPA Noise: The Long and Short of It

The topic of robots and automation was initially met with hysteria not so long ago. We had reports of robots stealing human jobs and other misinformation that was making the rounds. Cut to the present day, some of the fear remains — but the technology is here — in different forms or avatars (spelled bots, […]

ai in mobile app

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest trends in the app development industry. AI is slowly pouring into every routine activity of ours whether it’s education, production, medicine, or economics through mobile apps. Here is how to use artificial intelligence in mobile apps. The troubles and complexities with AI are decreasing and the ease in […]

facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technology – All You Need to Know

Today, we see data of all kinds — no matter if we can see it or not. The massive collection of data includes thousands of photos and videos available that provide the data set, which is necessary to make things work efficiently. Here is facial recognition technology, all you need to know. Facial Recognition Facial […]

low code development

Is Low-Code the Future of Development?

Low-code development is increasingly being used in the marketing of a wide range of software products. The term refers to the use of a graphical user interface to build something that a developer would usually have to custom code. “Low-code development” is somewhat deceiving. One might think it is going to solve all our development […]

visual ai

It’s Time to Shift Digital with Visual AI

A seamless digital experience has long been the focus of product teams and technologists. From disruptive startups to the leading brands in technology and media, an emerging question is now top of mind. How can visual AI-based inspection technology help to eliminate the mundane tasks associated with quality assurance? It’s time to shift digital with visual […]