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How CRM Software Generates Leads Which Converts?

Generating Leads and converting them into business has been the top-notch feature of a CRM software. CRM software simply deals with the customer behaviour and helps in converting leads into a strong customer for your business. What is a CRM software? A CRM software is the abbreviated form of Customer Relationship Management software. As the […]

Web Push Notifications

Comprehensive Guide on How Web Push Notifications Work

The clickable rich content messages sent to you through the browser are known as web push notification. You need not be on the browser or web page to receive the notification. You will keep receiving the messages at their own time and pace as set by the marketer. What is web push notification? The concept […]


Top 10 Best Website Trends of 2018

Every year, website design and user interface change slightly; 2018 is no different, with trends emerging in design, typography, and colors. To design a website that can compete with the millions of other similar websites out there, it is important to be aware of the newest styles and most popular methods. Here are some of […]

Pop Culture and AI: How Media Is Reshaping Public Perceptions

Pop Culture and AI: How Media Is Reshaping Public Perceptions

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what do you envision? Depending on what generation you were born into, you might think of HAL 9000’s glowing red eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey, or you might think of the surprisingly humanlike Ava from Ex Machina. Or, if you’re knee-deep in AI programming, you might envision […]


How Can AI Transform The Online Couponing Industry

It’s official. We love coupons. All of us. According to data compiled by experience optimization specialists, Invesp, 60% of the public ‘love’ receiving digital coupons, with the estimated number of users of mobile coupon users set to exceed one billion by 2019. Invesp goes further to estimate that over 30 billion digital coupons will have […]

5 Forecasts About the Future of Machine Learning

5 Forecasts About the Future of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a revolutionary technology that currently forms a critical aspect of numerous burgeoning and established industries. This technology allows computers to access hidden insights and predict outcomes, leading to remarkable changes to businesses. Wei Lei,  who is the Vice President and General Manager at Intel, says that “machine learning is becoming more sophisticated […]

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4 Ways AI Is Reshaping the Future of Health Care

While the number of individuals needing quality healthcare is increasing, the number of healthcare providers is decreasing. Resultingly, more care providers are considering artificial intelligence (AI) as a possible resource for delivering precise, efficient and effective treatments. In time, artificially intelligence could expand the reach and efficiency of care providers and make up for talent […]

Will AI Be Able to Predict Your Dreams?

Will AI Be Able to Predict Your Dreams?

Have you ever had an unsettling dream about some random person you went to high school with? Or a dream that predicted the future in some idiosyncratic way, like foreseeing a traffic jam on your way to work? Or how about some nonsense dream with random creatures and characters, with no discernable plot, unfolding as […]

Thinking About Borrowing Money? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking About Borrowing Money? Here’s What You Need to Know

Some people love debt, while others hate it. People in the former category tend to use loans for everything. Those in the latter category avoid it at all costs. Both extremes can create problems. If you’re thinking about borrowing money, the smart approach lies somewhere in between. The Do’s and Don’ts of Borrowing Money When […]

How Start-Up Chile Helps Entrepreneurs and Chile Alike

The Start-Up Chile accelerator was arguably the spark that ignited Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Chilean government, through the development agency CORFO, founded Start-Up Chile in 2010 as a way to bring in foreign entrepreneurs who would galvanize Chile’s transition into an economy built on technology and innovation. Since then, Start-Up Chile has accelerated over 1,500 […]

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Consumerized Enterprise Software Is Poised to Make the Industry More Competitive

Workplace engagement has become a widespread problem. Gallup’s ongoing employee engagement monitoring shows that, even today, less than 35 percent of Americans are engaged at work. In fact, a 2017 Aon Hewitt study showed that workplace engagement is declining, with some organizations experiencing “angst” amid the prediction that the decline will continue. With half-hearted effort […]


Meet Meural, Fine Art on My Walls at Home

At first all I wanted was to be able to purchase something wonderful and uplifting for my bedroom wall. Then the goal was — if we could just find a piece that was inspirational above the desk in the den — that would be enough. Soon, we realized that we spent much more time in […]

5 Alternatives to Silicon Valley for IT Internships

Numerous studies show that completing an internship during undergraduate helps students find a job upon graduation. For those interested in the field of Internet Technology (IT), the likely thought is to apply to the many opportunities in Silicon Valley. But San Francisco is not the only city with a thriving technology hub. There are places […]

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What Business Leaders Can Learn from Professional Sports

While leading a business doesn’t indicate anything about one’s athleticism, both athletes and entrepreneurs draw from a similar set of skills in order to achieve the same end: a cohesive, peak-performance team. Much of what athletes accomplish on the field has more to do with their mindset than bodies. Over the years, I’ve worked with […]