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Digital Marketing Jobs in Goverment Sector

Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector

A government job is a dream come true for the average working-class people in India. Digital marketing moves ahead because all the sectors depend on it. Digital marketing can extend beyond internet marketing, which uses internet services. Other channels choose to use display advertising, search engine marketing, digital media, and more through mobile phones – […]

productivity and customer service

Why Productivity and Customer Experience go Hand-in-Hand

Many large companies approach improving customer experiences from the perspective of customer support solutions, user experience design, and account management. Focusing on delighting customers is vitally important. Businesses could benefit from looking at customer experience through the lens of productivity. Here is why productivity and customer experience go hand-in-hand. Improving customer experience is a kind […]

ar and vr customer experience

How AR and VR Will Enhance Customer Experience

Daily upgradations, as well as enhancements in particular technologies, are a regular thing right now. A technology that was something else yesterday can be upgraded to a hypothetical level overnight. The tech is in the vast field of Computer Science, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. How will AR and VR enhance customer experience? Augmented […]

online education

New Wave of Online Education: Helping Quiet Children Flourish

People have different personalities. Along with varies other parts of an individual’s make-up, a personality is what leads children to respond differently to learning. These differences in personalities determine their specific needs. It is necessary to meet these needs in order for the child to be successful. There is a new wave of online education […]

serverless backups

Serverless Backups: Viable Data Protection for Small Businesses

Backup, disaster recovery and data protection are expensive, especially when it comes to physical backup and disaster recovery servers and hardware. So how can Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMBs), who have limited budgets, protect their essential data? The answer: serverless backups. Before we discuss serverless backups, let’s get an idea of how expensive are enterprise-grade […]

ar and vr

Few Industries will not be Transformed by AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) have already hit a home run with their immersive and realistic experiences. Both have quickly gained ground from gaming to healthcare and no industry is left unaffected by it. To further conquer the territory, the world is expected to have almost 14 million AR/VR devices at the end of […]

self-serve tech

How Self-Service Technology Can Boost Startup Growth

For every startup business, the need to give customers the best customer service experience is the key priority. Customers are kings, and they determine business growth. Your company growth will largely depend on how you treat them. Here is how self-service technology can boost startup growth. Some startups are already making it big with self-service […]


A Review of Instagram Marketing by Matthew Lucas

You may be new to Instagram marketing. you may think it’s all about getting the best photos. Remember what Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said. Instagram “is not a photography company. Instagram is a communications company.” If you’re lost in the weeds of Instagram marketing, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of or […]


Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Professional

Facebook started life as the place to go meet the people at your college. It then became the place to meet the people you used to know at college. Now it’s not quite clear what it’s for. User growth is continuing, but more slowly than in the past which means that everyone you want to […]

Uber vs Lyft: Battling for Supremacy

Uber vs Lyft: Battling for Supremacy

As the CEO of a company where machine and learning and AI play an important role, I am always interested in seeing how other organizations choose to implement these technologies into their organization. It is fascinating to see how Uber vs Lyft has been battling for supremacy — through tellingly different approaches to AI. How […]

workplace productivity

4 Ways You Can Make Your Workplace an Engine of Productivity

Employee productivity is the very backbone of every company.  Improving it directly affects the company’s success. It is vital for a company to stay alive and thrive. Business leaders need to realize that it is not about hiring productive employees. It is about creating a productive work environment for the employees. Here are four foolproof […]

IoT in facilities management

Increasing Business ROI with IoT in Facilities Management

Thanks to the advanced technologies, the idea of smart offices is now becoming more trendier than ever. It’s just a matter of time until the majority of businesses will have intelligent offices. As the workplaces are getting smarter, the one thing that remains obsolete is the way facility management companies operate. Here is increasing business […]

employee productivity

How To Enhance Employee Productivity

For any company or business, one of the most important assets is its employees. There are crucial elements if you want to increase productivity in the workplace. Judge what improvements are needed to enhance employee productivity by keeping your employees happy, and motivated and all capacity increases. As a business owner, you want to increase […]