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Enterprise App Design: Does iOS Fare with Android in terms of Security?

More enterprises are investing in mobile applications on platforms preferably iOS. The 2016 enterprise mobile apps report brought out by Adobe reinforces the growing need for enterprises to invest in mobile apps. With Apple constituting a major share of the world smartphone market, iOS tend to be the most preferred platform in enterprise app development. […]

fintech and bitcoin

5 Tips for Protecting Your FinTech Data Assets

Nasdaq’s automated quotations in the mid-seventies and online shopping in the mid-eighties were disruptive technologies for financial field. The latest disruptive fintech innovation, cryptocurrency, is gaining popularity with consumers, businesses and governmental bodies. Large corporations and governments are particularly interested in the underlying technology of cryptocurrency called blockchain. In fact, many organizations have launched initiatives […]

Unit4 and the XaaS economy

The XaaS Economy is Here: How Well Are You Serving Your Customers?

We recently commissioned an independent global study of senior management and C-suite executives that looked at the business model changes services organizations are making in the Everything as a Service (XaaS) economy. The XaaS economy is where products and services are delivered in a continuous relationship with the customer, rather than as a series of […]

Most People Are Dead Wrong About Bitcoin and Criminals

It seems that these days, cryptocurrency can’t catch a break in the news cycle. In early April, the Securities and Exchange Commission urged a federal judge to freeze $27 million that was allegedly garnered through the illegal sale of shares in LongFin — a company whose stock shot from $5 to $142 after announcing it was acquiring […]


The Future of Healthcare Is Mobile

Like nearly everything before it, healthcare is turning to mobile. But unlike nearly everything before it, healthcare has long been viewed as a hands-on industry, one where interactions happen in person, allowing healthcare providers to use both their clinical knowledge and intuitive senses to treat the patients before them. Despite healthcare’s hands-on history, Zebra’s “The […]

How three disruptive technologies can work together to change the world as we know it

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things are common buzzwords these days, but so often, businesses and individuals alike think of each in its own silo. That’s a disservice to emerging tech because combining each concept’s strengths will lead to solutions previously unimagined.   IoT, for example, doesn’t work on a hub-and-spoke model. Currently, the technology […]

How To Brand Yourself Through Your Dedication And Value

How To Brand Yourself Through Your Dedication And Value

“Brand me!” It’s the phrase new businesses say to marketing professionals hoping to build a successful brand. Marketing agencies helped national corporations like Pepsi, Coke, and Kraft establish their brands, so it makes sense for a new business to ask a marketing company for branding. The problem with this perception is that brands aren’t created […]


Enterprise Community Event and C2C Event Platform Bevy Raises $6.4 Million

Bevy, an enterprise community event platform, announced today it has raised $6.4 Million Dollars from investors: Upfront Ventures, renowned author and Stanford Professor Steve Blank, Ryan Smith and Jared Smith, co-founders of Qualtrics, and Aaron Skonnard, SEO of Pluralsight. Bevy raised funds to increase their growth rate and expand the team. The Bevy Platform was […]

Stop Letting Silicon Valley Dictate Your Future

For those in tech, the allure of what most consider the tech capital of the country — Silicon Valley — is real.   But according to real estate website Redfin, last year saw more people move out of San Francisco than any other city in the United States. When a group of San Francisco venture capitalists went […]

The Growing Importance of Data Security for IoT

Recent news has pointed to the increasing popularity of human microchipping in Sweden. Within the past three years, thousands have opted to insert a microchip underneath their skin that carries all sorts of personal information, ranging from credit card details to digital house keys to gym passes. For the 3,000 Swedes who’ve opted for the chip, […]

How To Build A Proper Sales Funnel And Recover Vanishing Profits

How To Build A Proper Sales Funnel And Recover Vanishing Profits

If you’ve been struggling to increase your sales despite creating better offers, raising prices, and offering more value, it’s time to look at your sales funnel. Actually, it’s time to scrutinize your sales funnel with the eyes of a detective. The term “sales funnel” sounds like a strategy that generates automatic or easy sales. However, […]

Why Asset Tracking Requires a Digital Transformation

Why Asset Tracking Requires a Digital Transformation

Despite the advent of modern technology, many businesses still rely on obsolete methods of asset tracking. You might have a shared Excel spreadsheet keeping tabs on your most important equipment, or if you’re a small business, a whiteboard that collects your information. These systems are inherently flawed, and could end up costing you money—and time—if […]

heritage-built brand

In a High-Tech World, Do Businesses Overlook the Value of Heritage?

“Authenticity” has likely been mentioned more than once in any modern company boardroom. And for good reason: A 2017 study from Cohn & Wolfe revealed that 91 percent of consumers reward “authentic” companies for their behavior, purchasing their goods or recommending them to others. But all of the strategizing and positioning that goes on behind […]


Why I Choose Email Marketing for Best ROI

As a business owner, it’s always a good idea to effectively use the marketing tools that are bringing you the most success. Measuring success as a business typically pertains to ROI, sales/income, and new customer acquisition. Reaching your target market with content that will appeal to them, while generating income is key when spending money […]