Welcome to the weekend, friends – and what a week it’s been. Facebook announced a huge open-source code dump; Social Media Week kicked off in six cities around the world; and the tech world was constantly humming with news and opinions about the iPad.

Frankly, we’re exhausted.

One topic that’s been top-of-mind at RWW, though, week in and week out, has been location-aware apps and technologies. We’re so excited about these kinds of technology that our next premium report is going to center around a lot of geo-based tech! More on that later. For now, fill up your iPod with these three podcasts on location-aware tech, and have a relaxing, informative weekend.

To kick things off, here’s a blast from the past: A long-lost episode of RWW Live, a yearlong podcast series we ran in 2008/2009, this March 2009 talk focuses on location aware/sensitive mobile applications. Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley joined Tom Coates of Yahoo!, Mark Josephson of Outside.in and our own Sean Ammirati and Marshall Kirkpatrick to talk about “how the Web is evolving to include more location aware applications and what barriers are still in the way – both social & technical barriers.”

Download here or listen here. Running time: 52:50

All Points Blog is quickly becoming one of our favorite resources for location-based tech information. In this podcast, we are asked, “If consumers think of geodata as a commodity, what does that say for its future? What are the key data relationships? And what, if anything, will differentiate one offering from another?” The All Points editors ponder these questions with the full knowledge that most consumers know and care little about who makes, manages and updates basemaps.

Download here or listen here. Running time: 15:22

Finally, VerySpatial presents a 2009 retrospective and a look forward into the location-based tech that may come in 2010. Editors Jesse, Sue and Frank present an admirable year-in-review show that covers the most noteworthy computing, web and mobile trends that continue to shape the tech we currently use.

Download here or listen here. Running time: 28:00

Many thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick for finding these gems, and a huge hat-tip to Huffduffer creator Jeremy Keith for making such a nifty tool for all us podcast lovers.

To subscribe to the Podcast Parade, check out our Huffduffer page and feed, or just use this link to subscribe through iTunes. Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy!