In the first RWW Live of 2009, we tackle an issue that is of vital importance to all startups right now - how to navigate through the choppy waters of the current economy. Join the ReadWriteWeb authors and special guests on our live podcast show. Our guests are entrepreneurs from BrightKite and Zoho, two startups that were recognized by ReadWriteWeb in our annual end of the year awards: Zoho won 'Best Little Co' and BrightKite won 'Most Promising Little Co'.

In the podcast, we'll discuss the lessons our guests have learned over the last year and how they plan to continue growing in 2009. The show will be broadcast LIVE at 3.30pm PST Monday (6.30pm EST). We invite you to tune into the show, and interact with us via the chat, by clicking here. You can also use the Calliflower Facebook app to tune in and participate.

We will post the audio from the show at the end, but we hope you join us LIVE on Calliflower or Facebook.

Here are the details of our guests in this show:

  • Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho
  • Raju Vegesna, Evangelist, Zoho
  • Martin May, co-founder, BrightKite
  • Brady Becker, co-founder, BrightKite

UPDATE: the audio is available now.

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