Proxy, a San Francisco-based startup, wants to kill the key card and replace it with a mobile app that can access all sorts of devices.

To start off, Proxy has launched a pilot for offices. A technician installs a maximum of two Bluetooth sensors (for the pilot), and from there an account manager can set up accounts for employees and rules.

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When walking towards the door, the Bluetooth sensor will automatically recognize an employee and unlock the door. An account manager can also set up guest accounts for interns or temporary staff.

Most employees bring their phone to work, so it shouldn’t be hard for businesses to deploy Proxy’s sensors in the office. In the next tier stages (coming soon), Proxy will add additional security measures to the app, like two-factor authentication and private cloud services.

proxy-app-androidIn the future, Proxy could be used for more than office doors. Users could connect any IoT device to the sensor, removing the need to sign-in to a specific IoT device to make changes.

Some IoT devices already use Bluetooth to recognize a specific person inside the house. Nest’s smart thermostat recognizes when a member of the house enters or leaves, and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Co-founders Denis Mars and Simon Ratner have been working on Proxy for over a year and have already seen a lot of interest in the Bay Area. Twenty companies have reportedly signed up, according to TechCrunch.

The first also recently raised $1.6 million from Y Combinator and Blackbird Ventures. It was part of the most recent Y Combinator accelerator, which provides funding and support to tech startups.