Internet of Things (IoT) developer Arrayent has announced its first EcoAdaptor for the Works with Nest platform. The EcoAdaptor “reduces deployment time associated with the product certification process” for IoT developers looking to utilize Nest’s APIs and connect with smart home products.

Arrayent will provide development and debugging tools to ensure that IoT developers receive quick certification on Nest’s platform. Cyril Brignone, the CEO of Arrayent, said to ReadWrite that the company has a proven record for expediting the process, citing its partnerships with Chamberlain, OSRAM Lightify, and Pentair.

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The EcoAdaptor isn’t just about reducing the time spent fixing Works with Nest issues however, Arrayent also provides bug testing, security, and scalability, everything a developer needs to ensure there won’t be launch day trouble.

“Our customers want to expand their businesses beyond stand-alone products to create service-oriented ecosystems that integrate through Cloud-to-Cloud connections,” said Brignone. “With our new EcoAdaptor for Nest, our global brand customers can more quickly build on the Works with Nest API to increase the functionality and value of their own products.”

Arrayent built its EcoAdaptor with help from Works with Nest developers and previous customers, ensuring that all bases are covered. “The Arrayent team paid special attention to both the scalability and security aspects of the EcoAdaptor for Nest implementation,” said William Oget, Arrayent’s vice president of engineering.

IFTTT and Amazon EcoAdaptor’s might be next

It will not be the last EcoAdaptor from Arrayent, Brignone said that IFTTT is on the “immediate to-do list” and Amazon’s Echo services are also popular with developers. Brignone also mentioned OSF Global Services, a systems integrator partner that created an EcoAdaptor for

When asked if Works with Nest is the dominant platform in the IoT system, Brignone said “Right now IFTTT probably has more connected things, and can work for people that don’t have a Nest. We see fast growing interest in Amazon Alexa and Dash buttons, so there won’t be one dominant service. It will be a network of services that Arrayent customers connect, all in the interest of giving their customers a great experience.”