If you’re an iPhone app developer looking to have a horde of testers check out your wares before you launch, then here’s some good news: Apple launched its TestFlight Beta testing service on Thursday, which may take some of the sting out of the feedback process.

As many as 1,000 people can see if your apps are up to snuff. Registered developers just email testers through the iTunes Connect portal, and the recipients follow the included link to download the official app from the App Store. The system also sends testers notifications when it’s time to check out new updates.

The iPhone maker bought TestFlight earlier this year, and although the service remained in operation, it was filled with complications. Handsets for testing had to be identified and “whitelisted,” which involved a process that included “provisioning,” or installing specific profiles on select devices, and collecting UDID device identification numbers.

Even now, though it’s simpler, the process isn’t entirely easy peasy. To qualify for Apple’s new thousand-tester march, developers must submit their app for a Beta App Review similar to finished apps undergoing a standard App Store review process. Otherwise, they can keep the testing internal, which doesn’t require this review. For details on TestFlight procedures and policies, visit Apple’s TestFlight page in its developer portal

Photo by Adriana Lee for ReadWrite