Apple Busts A Move With PrimeSense Acquisition

Israeli start-up PrimeSense is the latest acquisition for Apple, which has picked up the 3D sensor technology vendor for $350 million.

PrimeSense’s technology is one of the key elements of the sensing tech used within Microsoft’s Xbox consoles. But it is doubtful that this is a move to try and hobble Microsoft’s gaming efforts. Microsoft no doubt has an iron-clad licensing agreement for PrimeSense’s contributions to the Kinect system, and a lot of Kinect comes from efforts directly within Microsoft Research.

The acquisition is much more about Apple, which could incorporate the capability to sense body movements into devices like the iPad and Macbook, and perhaps the Bigfoot-like iTV we keep hearing about in “exclusive leaks” to the media.

Control of devices by movement would be a cool addition to the Apple lineup, and we’re looking forward to seeing it soon.

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