Turn Your Old iPod Into A New iPhone Using FreedomPop

The iPhone 5 is out, but it’ll cost you. The iPhone 4 is free with a contract, but that’s so 2010. What if you could spend $99 and turn your old iPod touch into a new iPhone? With no contract to  enslave you to the telecom companies? Well, there is.

Meet the FreedomPop. The $99 iPhone sleeve case turns your iPod Touch (generation 4) into an iPhone with all the connection speed of the latest model plus 1GB of free data every month, enough for basic email and iMessage texting. And all for less than $100, without a contractual commitment.

FreedomPop does this by using a 4G LTE hotspot built right into the case, allowing the iPod to access the Net at high speed over Wi-Fi. Be your own hotspot, says the maker of FreedomPop. 

Check out the video below to see it in action. 

Photo by Infinity Zero

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