Disaster Recovery Automation Tool from VirtualSharp

VirtualSharp Software announced today a new version of its automated Disaster Recovery solutions for private and public clouds called ReliableDR 3.0. What does this mean? Well, you have heard about backup in the cloud, this takes things to the next level, essentially making it easier to stage and orchestrate your recovery processes. It isn’t just making copies of your data, but packaging the entire server and OS and everything you need to restart a downed machine in a matter of minutes, using virtualization technologies. Think of it as RaaS, or Recovery as a Service. (Yes, I know, another aaS app.)

The Spanish company will have v3 available early next year, and what is noteworthy is its set of features that include support for multitenancy, app-specific SLAs, and role-based access controls. For example, Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives can be set individually for each application, and some early customers are actually running test recoveries every day to ensure that their data and apps are protected.

“For the longest time, Disaster Recovery has been narrowly focused on data protection, without an integrated view over the entire collection of assets that interoperate to deliver IT as a service,” said Carlos Escapa, their CEO. “With ReliableDR 3.0, VirtualSharp delivers an integrated, vertical Disaster Recovery solution across the IT stack, from storage to application, that can be delivered for cloud environments using a zero-footprint, self service architecture.” I met with Escapa (a former manager at both VMware and CA) yesterday on his press tour and he was very engaging and convincing: I hope the actual RaaS is equally so.

The service starts out at approximately $10,000 for smaller networks, and is being used by some larger installations already.

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