As Homer Simpson might say, D’oh. But the latest analytics from, an analytics service provider, bear this out. “On average, tablet viewers watched videos nearly 30 percent longer than when watching on their desktop,” their report says. Moreover, the tablet users would be twice as likely to watch their vids until the end.

Ooyala looks at more than a billion video analytics daily from all over the world, and their first-ever report aggregated this information in some other interesting factoids. For example, Facebook was 17 times more popular than Twitter in Italy, for example, but the two social media sites were used more or less equally in Japan. And non-traditional TV watching devices such as cord-cutting boxes like Boxee and video game consoles tripled the amount of videos they played during the last quarter, although they still have a minute market share. “Videos 10 minutes or longer accounted for 56 percent of the time played on tablets and 84 percent played on connected TV devices and game consoles,” they said.

Visit this link to download a copy of the full report.