CloudFoundry Supports RabbitMQ Messaging

Last week VMware’s CloudFoundry announced support for the RabbitMQ messaging service, and like the rest of this PaaS, is available as a free public beta. Cloud Foundry already supports multiple application services including MySQL, MongoDB and Redis. We last wrote about them a month ago and showed you how to get started using the service here. You can use standard commands to create and clone RabbitMQ services, just like a database service for example.

Messaging protocols and message brokers are the glue that connects your cloud apps, and having support for different ones is critical to how you design and build out your virtual data center and fill it with apps. And by apps we aren’t talking about those iPhone eye candy, but pushing around big data in real time streams. From the company’s blog post, “[M]essaging provides stable communication patterns that scale across multiple network topologies…. RabbitMQ has a proven track record of moving a lot of data reliably in these scenarios at scale.”

The blog link cited above has links to all sorts of programming examples and sample applications in a variety of languages to help you get started. One of the reasons this is a significant announcement for CloudFoundry is because RabbitMQ is so protocol and language adept and easy to implement: it works with dozens of different languages and frameworks.

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