WordPress.com Can Now Send Updates to Twitter

WordPress.com just announced that its users can now use the service’s Publicize feature to automatically send out a tweet whenever they post a new story. WordPress’s Publicize feature, which was only unveiled one week ago, already supported sending updates to Yahoo profiles via the Yahoo Updates service. WordPress uses Twitter’s OAuth mechanism to connect to Twitter. The Twitter updates can be customized and will use WordPress’ wp.me URL shortener.

Users who run their own WordPress installations were already able to ping Twitter whenever they posted an update thanks to plugins like Twitter Tools or Twitter Updater.

For WordPress.com, this is an important update, as it brings it up to par with light blogging services like Posterous, which have made autoposting to Twitter and other microblogging services a core feature of their products.

More WordPress Updates: New Theme Viewer and PicApps Partnership

The WordPress team has been quite busy lately, besides launching Publicize, WordPress also unveiled a new version of its theme viewer last week and two days ago, WordPress also announced a partnership with PicApp that allows WordPress users to embed premium images into their blogs.

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