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At last
year’s Web 2.0 Conference
, Mary Meeker of MorganStanley outlined how mobile
and Asia were set for big growth. At this year’s Summit, Meeker focused on video
and monetizing that.

Mary speaks at a million miles per hour and data points go past faster than
one can type them. So check out the slides for all the data details. Some quick notes:

  • It’s tough to succeed on the Web – around 2% of tech companies create
    close to 100% of the wealth.
  • International markets are becoming crucial, as US share of world internet
    users falls from 37% to around 20% in 2007. China obviously, but also India
    and Russia are noted by Mary.
  • Mobile – entering the “adoption sweet spot” in 2007.
  • Growth is still going up – especially outside the US.
  • Just as Apple monetized online music, the market for online video is
    poised for similar growth
  • Momentum for online video continues to build
  • Effective editing of video will become more important – e.g. Yahoo’s The
  • Audio search will become more popular
  • Only 13% of top 15 online retailers are pure internet plays (Amazon is #1)
  • Watch where the younger generation goes