Media 2.0 Workgroup

I’ve joined the Media 2.0 Workgroup, which isn’t associated with the Web 2.0 Workgroup which I co-founded – but was I believe inspired by it. I see the two workgroups as very complementary and so I’m trying to get the two groups to connect. On a personal level, the intersection of Web technologies and Media is what I’m all about this year – as evidenced by my current tagline on Read/WriteWeb. So I’m excited to make more connections and really try and move things forward in the industry.

Michael Bayler is the person behind the Media Workgroup and I’ve already had a great chat with him about it. Umair Haque, whose media economics work I’ve been hugely impressed with, is also a member. Plus my old blog buddy Noah Brier is involved.

Check out this recent podcast between Michael Bayler and Umair Haque, which gets into the nitty gritty of new media and the Web technology which is driving it. Btw I’m not crazy about the name “media 2.0”. I’d prefer to just call it ‘Web Media’, ‘Internet Media’, or something like that. However it doesn’t distract from what are very real concepts and a lot of new value being built in the media world today, using Web technologies. Michael, Umair and Noah are all extremely smart people, so I’m looking forward to working with them. Here’s more from Michael about the initiative:

“We‚Äôre planning a soft public launch on March 2nd 2006 at the ‚ÄúUnderstanding Media 2.0‚Ä? event we‚Äôre co-hosting with Microsoft‚Äôs UK media team in London.”

More soon … M2WG membership will be by invitation, please get in touch if you’re interested.

If you’re interested in being part of the Media workgroup, send me an email or contact Michael directly. And if you’re a Web/Media hybrid like me, well perhaps apply to be a member of both the Web and Media workgroups! They are both invitation only right now, I should point out. But if you’re a high quality blogger who has built up a decent reputation in your niche, then you certainly stand a good chance.

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