is an Open Source Media Project launched today by Marc Canter and J.D. Lasica. It’s going to be like the Internet Archive, only for multimedia files. In fact Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive (home of the The Wayback Machine) is providing free storage and free bandwidth for Open Media. Here is J.D.’s description:

“ is an open source media project that seeks to expose, preserve, and advance works of grassroots creativity (chiefly, but not limited to, amateur video). Individuals, communities and organizations have begun telling digital stories that enthrall, entertain and often move audiences to take positive action. Plain text or the cool detachment of “objective” media do not come close to matching the emotional power of multimedia stories laced with personal narrative.”

I’m not sure why “amateur video” gets top billing? Audio, art, eBooks, photos, and mixing the whole lot together – these all seem to me to be just as important. Maybe it’ll become clearer to me over time.

Here is Marc’s description of Open Media:

“Then all this content at the Internet Archives can be accessed – built-right into your image gallery or jukebox (audio or video!) We’re also going to establish a way for ANYBODY to contribute their media (via OpenMedia’s and other orgs web sites) to this common Creative Commons pool of media.”

Sounds great! I’ve joined the Open Media project, which is currently based on a SocialText wiki. You can ask Marc or J.D. to send you an invitation.

I’m not sure yet what I can contribute, but with my analytical mind and vision for multimedia and the read/write web – I’m sure I can help! I’m particularly interested in the “digital storytelling” aspect and the potential to promote electracy (21st century media literacy). I’d like to think eBooks have a place in this project too, so maybe I can contribute my ideas on that.