Apps To Discover Earth’s Mysteries Right On Your iPad

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April marks the annual celebration of Earth Month, a 30-day-long celebration of environmental appreciation. While we’re working at our desk jobs or spending time on our tablets, it’s easy to lose perspective of how majestic our planet is. We’ve found a few apps that’ll inspire you to get out and do some globe-trotting of your own! Take a look at these iPad downloads that’ll transport you all around the world and back again.

Disneynature Explore App 

Disneynature Explore (free) for iPhone and iPad is trying to get kids to go outside by learning about all the amazing things nature has to offer. The augmented-reality feature allows for 3D animals to appear in the live camera view of the device while little ones are exploring their own backyards.

Wonders of Life

The team behind Wonders of the Universe is bringing their breathtaking 3D imagery, HD video, and expert narration by professor Brian Cox to Wonders of Life ($5) for the iPhone and iPad.

Instead of looking into the mysteries of the cosmos, the new app looks inward, unearthing the most fascinating details about Earth’s many natural wonders. Learning more about this planet’s unique creatures opens the imagination to the wild living forms that exist beyond our galaxy.

Living Earth

Living Earth ($3) for the iPhone and iPad offers a stunning 3D live simulation of the globe, along with global weather, forecasts, and a world clock. Wake up in a new part of the world each morning, and get a closer look at hurricanes and tropical storms going on in every country.

Google Earth 

Google Earth (free) for the iPhone and iPad can do so much more than Google Maps’ street view. Browse different layers (roads, borders, places, etc.), or track planes in flight, hiking trails, and more.

Barefoot World Atlas 

Explore the seven wonders of the world and beyond with Barefoot World Atlas‘s ($5) interactive 3D globe, which offers rich information about every country and fun animations by artist David Crane. BBC geographer Nick Crane offers spoken narration, and Wolfram Alpha provides live, updated country data.

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