Glass Explorer Contest Winner Takes Aim At Alzheimer’s

As Google Glass 2 makes its way to the members of the Explorer program, ReadWrite is happy knowing that one of the newest explorers is a ReadWrite community member.

Earlier this month, ReadWrite held a contest that awarded an invitation to the Glass Explorer program, based on the entry that would have the best potential to do the most social good.

Of all of the qualifying entries, the one that impressed our panel of judges the most came from Nasr Mobin of San Diego, CA.

Mobin’s entry was simple and profound. He wants to create an app

…[F]or people who are experiencing Alzheimer’s. Not only it will help them with memories they have forgotten (people’s face and names and properties, work they have done in a day and other days in past, etc.) that don’t have a solid memory [of], it also could provide brain practices at different times through out the day automatically (recommended by their doctor). Eventually it could become their personal memory assistant.

Mobin’s idea has merit; a memory assistance device could be an invaluable aid to those suffering from Alzheimer’s, and their families.

Mobin has reported he has already received his invitation and placed the order for his own Glass device. We are looking forward to hearing from Mobin and find out how his project is progressing.

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