Today's theme is the streets of the future. Google wants to build self-driving cars, but we haven't even figured out our own human-powered transportation. Our vehicles are advanced, but our infrastructure and our fuel sources lag behind.

We're catching up, though.

Car companies are starting to demonstrate some bold future concepts. Check out Ford's 2013 model car tech system and Audi's ambitions for connected cars.

But in the meantime, parking is broken. It's inefficient, and cities are flailing around trying to fix it.

This UCSD professor was able to fight his way out of a $400 traffic ticket with a mathematical proof.

Researchers have found a deep decline in walking among Americans, and Will Oremus thinks there might even be a political divide in walking habits.

Matthew Yglesias highlights the reason electric cars are so expensive, and it'll sound familiar to smartphone watchers: batteries.