If you're having trouble loading content on Flipboard this morning, you are not alone. The service has been struggling due to high demand for its new iPhone app, the startup confirmed via Twitter.

Flipboard for iPhone went live in the App Store last night, more than 16 months after the socially-curated digital magazine launched on the iPad. The iPhone version takes the same functionality it had on the tablet and elegantly packs it into a much smaller sized device.

By expanding to the iPhone, Flipboard opens up to a potentially much larger user base than it ever enjoyed on the iPad, even though it has long been one of the most popular apps for Apple's hot-selling tablet. That's because as big as the iPad is among consumers, there are way more iPhones and iPod Touches in the wild. We suspected that more than a handful of those iPhone and iPod Touch owners would flock to try out the new app, and this morning it appears that they've done exactly that.

As of early this year, Apple was said to have sold over 100 million iPhones, a number that is sure to have grown considerably since the launch of the iPhone 4S in October, which broke sales records for the company.

Earlier this morning, the Flipboard app for iPad was struggling to load some content. By the time the company acknowledged the issue, the app was unable to load any new content at all, which appears to still be the case. Presumably their team is pulling their hair out trying to resolve the unfortunately-timed outage. We'll update this post as we learn more.