Nielsen has released its first mobile app rankings for Android since the organization started measuring smartphone usage directly using on-device meters.

The results are not hugely shocking, but contain some interesting tidbits nonetheless. The list is broken down into three rankings: overall usage, male usage and female usage. The top half of each list is littered with the apps you'd guess were popular: Facebook, Gmail, Maps, YouTube. Pandora, Words With Friends, Twitter and Amazon's Kindle app all make expected appearances in the top 20 as well.

In this data, Twitter was more widely used by women than men. Google Plus made all three lists, which suggests that Android's integration of Google's new social product may be paying off, at least among Android users. Interestingly, one of the most popular apps overall is Advanced Task Manager, an app that lets you monitor what else is running on the device and kill apps that might be hogging memory. This is a feature that the iPhone doesn't even offer, unless the device is jailbroken.