New CA Service Level Analyzer

We wrote last month about numerous CA cloud-related product announcements and you would think that the company would be quiet for a few weeks, but not someone like CA which has a deep product portfolio. Announced today is yet another piece in its enterprise management strategy, called Service Operations Insight v3 which used to be called CA Spectrum Service Assurance. (You can almost see why they changed the name. Almost.)

The product can visualize and analyze IT’s entire infrastructure, including both cloud and physical applications and transactions together, in the context of the business services they support. It correlates and analyzes information from infrastructure, application performance and other IT management tools in real time. This information is used to map and display IT assets that deliver specific business services, calculate service quality, and identify which IT assets impact service quality and put it at risk. The idea is to model an end-to-end and real-time view of services across the enterprise. It can automate actions that re-allocate data center and cloud resources to quickly fix service problems. “Impact analysis from CA Service Operations Insight allows for quick problem identification, notification and automated help desk ticketing, so service quality problems can be quickly resolved and other risks to business services can be mitigated,” says Dan Colleli, a monitoring technician with Raymond James and a CA Insight customer.

All this insight doesn’t come cheap: a site license for CA Service Operations Insight starts at $175,000 for up to five data sources. You can catch a glance at a small screenshot at their blog here.

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