Poll: Will Desktop Virtualization Be A Driver for Bringing Your Own Computer to Work?

The iPhone, iPad and every smartphone known to mankind have one thing in common. You can use them for work and you can use them at home. There is no difference when it comes to the new generation of mobile devices that people use. That is pretty much true for the Internet, too. People use Web apps for work and in the home. Testament to this trend is the social business phenomena. Social is super hot. Why? We use social technologies at home so why not at work, too?

The concept now appears to be spreading. A post on O’Reilly Radar points to emerging pilot programs that allow people to bring their own computers to work.

The story cites another reason for the interest besides letting people use the equipment they want to for work. And that’s the cost issue and the amount of work it can take to manage hundreds if not thousands of devices.

The cloud is cited as a reason why it’s possible for people to use their own equipment. But desktop virtualization also can come into play. We are seeing the rise of mobile virtualization and services that allow for remote devices to run hosted virtualization environments.

Won’t that be a factor as well in the BYOC to work movement?

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