Barnes & Noble just launched a new version of its new Nook e-book reader at an event in New York City. The new Nook - called the Nook Color - will feature a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen display and run Google's Android software. Thanks to using an LCD display - and not the more eye-friendly electronic ink like Amazon's Kindle - the new Nook can show videos, animations and color images. For all intents and purposes, the Nook Color is basically a tablet computer. It will be available for $249 and go on sale on November 19.

The Nook Color will allow users to surf the Web and check their email thanks to the built-in WiFi connectivity and share book recommendations on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, a selection of third-party applications will be available at launch. These include Pandora music streaming, a Sudoko and chess game, as well as a crossword puzzle.

With Nook Kids, which features interactive childrens' books specifically designed for the Nook Color, B&N is also targeting this Nook at parents and children. Every new nook will come with a free electronic copy of Richard Scarry's Colors and The Elephant's Child.

Users will also be able to access over 100 newspapers and magazines. In total, the Nook's internal memory (8GB) can hold about 6,000 books according to B&N. The Nook Color features a MicroSD slot that allows users to expand their Nook with up to 32GB of extra memory.

B&N claims that the battery will last for about 8 hours with the WiFi turned off.

Apps for the Nook

B&N will also launch a developer program - Nook Developer - that will allow developers to launch their Android apps on the Nook Color. Lonely Planet, Pandora and are among today's launch partners for this.