BlindType, a touch-typing software that greatly increases the accuracy of typing on touch screen devices, announced on its blog this afternoon that it has been acquired by Google.

The company addresses a problem with mobile devices: the fact that the move from QWERTY keyboards to touch screens has changed how we interact with the letters we press while typing. While many of us can type on full-sized keyboards without watching where our fingers hit for each keystroke, writing a message on a mobile phone requires total concentration. It's slower, and it's a lot less accurate.

BlindType says it addresses this by predicting what the user intend to write, tackling the problem of "fat fingers" and misspellings. The product, however, has yet to be released.

We recently looked at Google's acquisitions over the course of 2010, noting that despite the growing popularity of Android that the company had not made many mobile acquisitions. Today's news, however, adds a very interesting technology in Google's mobile arsenal.