Steve Wozniak, builder of the first Apple computer, is not as well known as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Yet on YouTube there are more documentaries and recent videos of this man they call "the Woz" then there are of his colleagues. For that, he's become an ideal spokesperson for personal computing history.

In these videos you'll see a young Steve Wozniak give a tour of the Apple history museum, as well as fund a rock concert for a half a million people. Wozniak is also portrayed in a made-for-TV movie about a 1960s underground society of phone hackers, which included Steve Jobs. In more recent years Woz performed on Dancing With The Stars. He's even been filmed doing magic tricks while waiting in line to buy an iPad. There are way too many videos about Woz to pick just 10. So many of our choices were made to try and paint a complete picture of the man. If you know of other videos we've left out that deserve to be mentioned, please post in the comments below.

  1. Steve Wozniak - Dancing with the Stars

  2. Woz Presents the Apple Historical Museum

  3. Woz Finds His Old Desk

  4. Steve Wozniak Bio Channel - Part 1 of 6

  5. Pirates of silicon valley - Part 1 of 10

  6. Steve Wozniak at 1983 US Festival

  7. Steve Wozniak Talks About HP

  8. History of Hacking - Part 1 of 5

  9. Woz's Ring

  10. Steve Wozniak On The iPad