Bookmarking service Delicious has just rolled out a Google Chrome browser extension.

Like other Chrome extensions we love to play with, this one is lightweight, fast and useful. There's no bulky sidebar here. Bookmarks can be created and saved with a miniscule "TAG" button and they can be searched from Chrome's excellent omnibar. So, do you think this will prompt loyal Delicious users - many of whom had been holding out on Chrome in favor of Firefox - to switch to Google Chrome entirely?

This is what the button and simple form for bookmarking a page look like:

While this extension doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of Delicious' other browser add-ons, the team noted that the public demand for a Chrome extension prompted them to release a beta earlier than they would have liked.

"It doesn't have all the API's needed and it's missing a good chunk of the functionality we believe it needs, but we're getting so many requests for the Chrome extension that we're going to make this available sooner than we originally planned...

"As soon as Chrome is able to support the functionality needed we'll ensure the features of this extension matches that of our other browser add-ons. There are still some interactions we're not quite happy with that we'll address shortly, but we wanted to give you an official Google Chrome extension as soon as possible."

What do you think? Does the new Delicious extension make you want to use Chrome more? Or if you're a Chrome fan, does this move give you a renewed interest in Delicious? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.