In May, we discussed many different ways that social media could be used for social change. One company that has been using the medium for doing social good is SocialVibe. In the past, we described this company as "an online popularity contest that turns corporate advertising into money for charity." With SocialVibe, you get to choose a brand to endorse, which earns you both brand perks and points. The points are then turned into funds for the charitable cause of your choice. The situation is somewhat of a win-win - companies get valuable social media promotion and individuals get to raise money for charity. The only question was whether or not the idea would work. Apparently, it does: SocialVibe is announcing that they've now raised more than $100,000 for charitable causes.

On the SocialVibe platform, members choose a brand to endorse and then receive a SocialVibe badge which can be used on various social networks like Facebook or MySpace as well as on blogs and personal web sites. Through this sort of social media promotion, you can earn points which are then transformed into donations to the charity of your choosing.

Launched into public beta in Febraury, 2008, SocialVibe has partnered with numerous charitable organizations, including Stand Up To Cancer and actress Holly Robinson Peete and NFL quarterback Rodney Peete's hollyrod4kids initiative which focuses on activism and advocacy surrounding issues affecting children. In addition, SocialVibe has supported causes that include: charity:water, Direct Relief International, Children's Miracle Network, Donors Choose, Invisible Children, One Laptop Per Child, Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Surfrider Foundation, and World Wildlife Fund, and others. In total, there are 27 charities that have benefited from this application.

Now, with over $100,000 raised, there's proof that this concept does work and there's really no reason not to sign up unless you just shun advertising in all forms. But when the simple act of adding a widget to your profile page can help saves lives or save our planet, it's hard to find much fault with the app. You can sign up for SocialVibe here.