I have just returned from my jaunt to Italy, and I'd like to share the amazing new search engines that were introduced in the comments section of the Top 100 Alternative Search Engines for April; they are a veritable treasure trove of new discoveries! These new entrants will likely cause a major shakeup in the May Update of the Top 100, so here's your chance to evaluate them first! Please leave your comments - which ones impress you? Which ones don't? Are there any others?

1) Quintura Kids http://kids.quintura.com

2) picsearch http://www.picsearch.com

3) Kosmix http://www.kosmix.com

4) Vivisimo http://vivisimo.com

5) Sidestep http://www.sidestep.com

6) Wink http://wink.com

7) SearchBigDaddy http://www.searchbigdaddy.com

8) Zotspot http://www.zotspot.com

9) fasterplease http://www.fasterplease.com

10) Farecast http://www.farecast.com

11) Summize http://www.summize.com

12) Strategicboard http://www.strategicboard.com

13) GenieKnows http://www.genieknows.com

14) OpinMind http://opinmind.com

15) Scroogle http://www.scroogle.org

16) YuFind http://www.yufind.com

17) Recruit http://www.recruit.net

18) Indeed http://www.indeed.com

19) Luxurious Gear http://www.luxuriousgear.com

20) Find Alternative http://www.findalternative.com

21) Ktorrents http://www.ktorrents.com

22) Izito http://www.izito.com

23) Seekful http://www.seekful.com

24) Faroo http://faroo.com

25) Searchgive http://searchgive.com

26) uLinkx http://www.ulinkx.com

27) Oodpath http://www.oddpath.com

28) LookSmart http://www.looksmart.com

29) MsFreckles http://www.msfreckles.com/ ?lang=en

30) MEDgle http://www.medgle.com

31) bookhitch http://www.bookhitch.com

32) sputtr http://www.sputtr.com/