With the rapidly spreading legalization of medical marijuana, and it becoming a more available and acceptable form of treatment for individuals, many people are left with questions that need answers.

A Canadian company has stepped up to this task by creating the world’s first AI-powered chatbot for answering questions about cannabis. Lift Cannabis Co., based in Vancouver, has developed a chatbot named, Elevator, that is designed and programmed specifically to answer questions pertaining to marijuana.

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Elevator offers a more private and personalized method to help consumers learn about marijuana.  With decades of misinformation about this plant, customers are in need of help regarding the right strains of cannabis for their health issues, medical benefits, how to safely use it and where and how to purchase it.

Finding answers by using artificial intelligence

Elevator is an artificial intelligence app that is text-based.  People can ask questions and get immediate and accurate responses. Tyler Sookochoff, the CEO of Lift, which is the company behind Elevator, stated that the goal for Elevator is to make one’s cannabis learning experience easier.

“Cannabis as a legal industry is quite new, yet there’s so much false and misleading information floating around the web about its effects, benefits, and how to access it safely – and if you’re new to medical marijuana it can be really hard to cut through all the noise to get answers specifically tailored for your situation.  We developed Elevator as a response to this, and we’re harnessing the latest in AI bot technology to give real-time, credible and informative responses. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes on your behalf, in terms of sorting through and collating only the most credible and up-to-date cannabis information. On top of this, Elevator will remember your questions and its own responses, and the more it learns about you the better it will be able to assist your exploration in the future.”

Lift is already an information leader in the Canadian medical marijuana industry.  Therefore, Elevator is a sensible extension of the company.

“We see Elevator as your personal ‘Cannabis Concierge’, and by using a simple and familiar chat interface – ironically, the same type of interface many people have been using for years to text their dealers – it has universal appeal,” says Sookochoff.

Elevator will demo at Lift’s trade show later in May in Toronto.