Top 10 Best Poker Streamers to Follow in 2024

If you are looking for the best poker streamers on Twitch, then you are in the right spot. If you want to learn how poker streaming works on Twitch and how to play poker from the best live streamers on the planet, then we have you covered with this guide.

Here you’ll learn poker strategy and tips from the very best live poker streams in the world.

Top Live Twitch Poker Streamers for 2024

We have picked out a list of the top 10 streamers and most popular live poker streaming celebrities on Twitch and provided a review of each streamer, and why you might want to check out their Twitch TV channel.

  1. Fernando Habegger – Author of the book “Mastering Small Stakes Pot Limit Omaha”
  2. Lex Veldhuis – 20-year poker pro with nearly 400k Twitch followers
  3. Benjamin Spragg – Poker Stars pro with over 100,000 watch hours on Twitch
  4. Jaime Staples – Top Twitch stream renowned for placing crazy bets
  5. Daniel Negreanu – Winner of over $50,000,000 in poker prize money and multiple WSOP bracelet winner
  6. Kevin Martin – Biggest win was a 3rd place finish in the Colossus for $207,000
  7. Parker Talbot – Successful online player with over 3000 cashes for more than $3 million in prize money.
  8. Arlie Shaban – Winner of 5 ONCOOP titles in 2022, all streamed on Twitch
  9. Bert Stevens – One of the only players in history to win two consecutive EPT tourneys
  10. David Kaye – Small stakes poker player to Poker Stars ambassador.

Top 10 Twitch Poker Streamers Reviewed

Below you will find a review of our top 10 poker live streamers on Twitch, including tournament and livestream stats and some insight into their content and delivery style.

1. Fernando Habegger – Top Pot Limit Omaha Professional

JNendezPoker Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 31,800
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: JNandezPoker

Habegger who goes by the poker alias of JNandezPoker is well known as one of the top PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) players in the world and is the author of the acclaimed “Mastering Small Stakes Pot Limit Omaha”

Habegger has been a poker pro for more than 10 years, starting his journey back in 2006. He is well known as one of the master trainers at the PLO Mastermind group and is a regular on Twitch, passing on his knowledge of the game and sharing strategy with up-and-coming Omaha players.

He also has the distinction of reaching two final tables at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) where he has cashed in nearly half a million dollars in prize money and is one of the best poker streamers to follow.

Biggest Pot Won $330,334 at the 2023 World Series of Poker
WSOP Appearances 2 final tables for Habegger, and 9 WSOP cashes have seen the Swiss poker star collect just shy of the $500k mark in winnings
Games Played Pot Limit Omaha
Streaming Style A born teacher with a great communication style in all of his Twitch and online coaching classes

2. Lex Veldhuis – Multiple “Poker Streamer of the Year” Award Winner

RaSZI Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 319,600
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: RaSZi

With over 300,000 followers, Veldhuis is one of the biggest poker streamers on the Twitch TV platform, and although he is now putting more focus on providing one of the best poker YouTube channels, he is consistently sharing his poker skills and knowledge with his Twitch followers.

To give his viewers the best experience, Veldhuis regularly invests $100k per month in online buy-ins and shares his experience live. His live poker streams often get between 3,500 – 4,000 viewers watching him play.

With an entertaining and educational style, it is no surprise that he was voted the “Streamer of the Year in 2019 and 2020 at the Global Poker Awards.

His popularity continues to rise, being the top-rated poker personality on, and is one of the best poker streamers currently sharing content every week.

Biggest Live Pot Won $277,939
WSOP Appearances Veldhuis has made 1 final table but has cashed out 13 times in amassing over $400k in WSOP events
Games Played No Limit Hold’em
Streaming Style Brings a sense of fun to his live streams while sharing lots of poker strategy tips.

3. Benjamin Spragg – One of the Leading Poker Players in the UK

Spraggy Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers; 166,300
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: Spraggy

Spraggy hails from the UK and is considered to be one of the best poker players to come out of the UK for many years.

Great entertainment on his Twitch live streams, and he is very educational, telling when and why he is going for the all-in, and also why he is going to bet on the bluff.

Spragg has had a good start to the 2024 poker season with nearly $40k in winnings up to April, so could be heading for his best year since starting playing professionally back in 2018.

Can usually be found streaming on Twitch one to two times a week and it’s great fun to watch a pro like Ben often play in some $1 tourneys, showing his followers the mistakes that novice poker players make. One of the best poker streamers for learning poker strategy as a beginner.

Biggest Pot Won $86,258
WSOP Appearances Spraggy is another player yet to make his first final table appearance at the WSOP but has had 7 cashes for a rake of $28,806
Games Played No Limit Hold’em
Streaming Style Likes to keep things lively by not just chatting about poker but also about his love of sports and the movies. Great rapport with his followers.

4. Jaime Staples – No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Pro

PokerStaples Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 158,300
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: PokerStaples

Staples has become one of Twitch’s most famous poker faces over the last couple of years, amassing over 150k followers, and it’s no surprise considering his easy listening and fun delivery.

Staples gives great commentary while playing multiple tournaments online, and he is a regular at the high roller tournaments on Poker Stars, where he was one of their ambassadors before setting up his brand PokerStaples.

He has yet to hit the big time in terms of results but is one of the biggest poker streaming personalities on the Twitch poker scene, and aims to stream poker online and live at least a couple of times each week.

Biggest Pot Won $35,084
WSOP Appearances Staples has yet to make his first final table but has had one cashout at the event for just over a thousand bucks
Games Played No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha
Streaming Style Fun, down-to-earth delivery while playing multiple tables on each Twitch livestream

5. Daniel Negreanu – Winner of Six WSOP Bracelets

dnegspoker Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 140,800
  • YouTube/Social Media: @RealKidPoker on Twitter
  • Poker Alias: KidPoker or dnegspoker

Negreanu is one of the biggest high rollers on Twitch, and one of the most successful Poker players in history, having won 6 WSOP bracelets and more than $50,000,000 in career earnings. He is also a two-time winner of the World Poker Tour.

The Canadian started playing poker at the age of 16 and is now the top-ranked poker streamer in Canada.

His first introduction to gambling was in the pool halls of his local town where he hustled pool to fund what was to be his dream of playing in Las Vegas on the biggest stage of all. It was not an instant success for the Canadian, but in 1998 at the age of 23 he entered and won his first WSOP event, which got him his then aptly named alias of “Kid Poker”

Negreanu can now be found sharing his stories, poker knowledge, and WSOP free stream videos on Twitch and YouTube.

Biggest Pot Won $8,288,001
WSOP Appearances 57 final tables and over $21 million in prize money, but more importantly 6 WSOP winners bracelets
Games Played No Limit Hold’em & Pot Limit Omaha
Streaming Style Being one of the most successful players of all time, Neagranu has that brash confidence you’d expect.

6. Kevin Martin – Leading Multi-Table Tournament Player

KMart Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 138,000
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: KMart or KevinRobmartin

There is no doubt that Martin has a confident style in his live-streaming poker sessions, and for those players who love to be a bit more risky with their play, you’ll enjoy Kevin’s playing style.

He is one of the more aggressive poker streamers we have reviewed on Twitch.

At the time of writing, he was also doing a video series in the style of “A Day in the Life of” and his Twitch streams regularly get 2,500 – 3,000 viewers. As his Twitch bio says, he is “A poker pro just having fun”

Martin took a break from playing a few years back but has come back strong, and is recognized as one of the best Twitch streamers and top MTT (Multiple Table Tournament) players in the world.

Biggest Pot Won $72,200
WSOP Appearances Martin is yet to hit a final WSOP table but has cashed 34 times for over $154,000 in prize money
Games Played No Limit Hold’em
Streaming Style Martin is a love-him-or-hate-him guy with a confident brash style, one of the reasons his Twitch fans love him. He makes his streams lively, interesting, and educational

7. Parker Talbot – 2024 Irish Open Poker Champion

Tonkaaaap Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers 132,000
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: Tonkaaaap

One of the newer streamers on Twitch, Talbot serves up a mix of live poker and live gaming streams on his Twitch channel. He is well known for putting up regular bonuses for his viewers and is one of the up-and-coming players if you want to watch poker online.

His style of delivery lends itself to those viewers with a laid-back approach, and be ready for some cussing from him and his partner in crime, Fintan, who manages the great camera work on the channel.

Talbot has already hit the ground running in 2024, winning the prestigious Irish Poker Open in Dublin in March, bagging a cool $134,279 first prize pot. Arguably one of the top streamers on the Twitch platform.

Biggest Pot Won $334,180
WSOP Appearances Talbot has yet to hit a final table at the WSOP but has cashed 11 times for a total just shy of $60k which is not a spot on his online winnings now estimated at over $3 million
Games Played No Limit Hold’em
Streaming Style Great streaming style and fans love the poker banter between himself and his tech man Fintan, who puts some fun into the live streams.

8. Arlie Shaban – Famed For a Single Twitch Poker Stream Lasting 40 Hours

ArlieShaban Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 55,600
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: ArlieShaban

One of the under-the-radar players on Twitch, but one with an enviable tournament record, and quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most famous streamers in the poker industry.

Shaban once went forty hours straight playing poker live on his Twitch channel and streamed all of his 2022 ONCOOP wins (5 tournaments) on the channel. Using the Twitch video archive, you can go back and watch those.

Shaban has yet to hit the heights of reaching a WSOP final table but his online fan base continues to grow as he interacts with his fans while playing multiple MTT tourneys live each week.

Biggest Pot Won $35,100
WSOP Appearances
Games Played Insert the player’s favorite poker games here
Streaming Style Insert the player’s communication style when streaming (serious, funny, boring, etc, etc)

9. Bert Stevens – Winner of the $1.1 million GGPoker Super Millions

girafganger7 Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 41,100
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: girafganger7

Poker Twitch streamer who hails from Belgium and is one of the most outspoken poker pros you will find on Twitch. There is never a dull moment on his live streams and he certainly has the tournament record to back up some of the outspoken comments he makes.

A winner of multiple EPT (European Poker Tour) titles and made one of the greatest comebacks seen in poker taking the $1.1 million top prize at the GGPoker Super Millions event in 2021.

Stevens had the shortest stack of the 9 players on that final table, but after just four hours of play, he had emerged victorious to take the title.

His aggressive style both on the poker table and online has seen him grow his Twitch following to more than 40,000 loyal fans.

Biggest Pot Won $2,783,432
WSOP Appearances A veteran of the WSOP scene and a winner of 1 WSOP bracelet, with 3 final tables, 34 cashes, and prize money of over $2.8 million
Games Played No Limit Hold’em
Streaming Style Steven’s is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. His manic style might not resonate with everybody but he sure does like to live stream poker and entertain.

10. David Kaye – Dual Winner in the 2023 NACOOP Poker Series

DavidKayePoker Twitch Streamer

  • Twitch channel:
  • No. of Twitch Followers: 20,000
  • YouTube/Social Media:
  • Poker Alias: DavidKayePoker

David Kaye is a Poker Stars ambassador and although his Twitch channel is not as big as some of the other poker streamers on Twitch, his viewership is still one of the highest, with his videos regularly getting 3,000 – 5,000 views and a free hundred followers following live.

Kaye has a much more laid-back and analytical style. Some viewers may find his style a little boring with the mellow mood of the music in the background, but his streams are without a doubt very educational and contain great commentary on the strategy of each hand.

With two titles in the North American Championship of Online Poker, the man from Michigan is one to keep a sharp eye on in 2024 and is rightly recognized in the poker community as one of the best streamers on Twitch.

Biggest Pot Won $15,170
WSOP Appearances Kaye has not hit a final table at the WSOP and has had just 2 cashes for a little over $2,000. No doubt that online is where Kaye plays most of his tournaments.
Games Played No Limit Hold’em
Streaming Style Kaye has a very calm analytical style on his poker live stream. You could say he delivers like a teacher, and a good teacher he is.

How Does Twitch Poker Live Streaming Work

Twitch is not just used by live poker streamers but is a platform for gamers and influencers in all manner of markets and niches. The real beauty of Twitch is that it is the platform for all online streamers to set up their streaming TV channel and talk about any subject they want.

Setting up an account is easy and takes less than a minute, and once you have your account set up, you can start streaming with just some basic equipment. Below is a list of tools you’ll need to start posting your content live on Twitch.

  • Streaming Software – Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, OBS, and XSplit are recommended and free
  • Streaming Device – A PC, laptop,, or mobile device can be used to stream live on Twitch
  • Quality Microphone – The Elgato Wave 3 and the Blue Yeti X are used by many live streamers
  • Webcam – An external webcam like the Logitech HD Pro C920 or the Brio are good options

You can also go more high-tech if needed and build a full studio with lighting and a green screen set-up, but it’s something you can add to your streaming kit later on.

You can find a great overall Twitch streaming guide over at This answers any questions you may have, like “Can you stream poker on Twitch?”

Why Follow the Best Twitch Poker Streamers

There are plenty of reasons to follow the best poker streamers but we think these are some of the most important reasons.


Most of our poker streamers have a weekly schedule, so you can plan your time and pick your favorite and most entertaining player to watch every week. Watching poker online is a great way to chill and learn poker strategy simultaneously.

Learn to Play Poker

If you have ever fancied yourself as a poker face, then the best poker streamers are not only great to watch but also provide a great opportunity to learn. Following our top 10 poker streamers is like receiving a university degree education in the art and craft of poker, and all are available by watching your favorite poker live stream.

Understand Poker Strategy

Watching the top players can help both newbies and experienced players get even better by following how players react to certain hole cards and bets from opponents. Watching a top player explain why he/she thinks the hole cards (initial two cards) are good or bad is great. But even better is watching a pro bet or not bet after the flop. This will help you understand basic poker betting strategy.

Chat Live With the Players

All of the top Twitch streamers have live chat while they are playing. This gives you the chance to make comments, ask questions about the game, and even get explanations from the pro on why they played or did not play a certain hand. Also, it’s just fun to get involved in the general poker banter taking place during the livestream.

Best Poker Streams on Twitch Compared

Below you will find a comparison of the top 5 players along with the key stats and data about their live-streaming activity when they stream poker online

Player Player Alias Twitch Followers YouTube Followers No. of Streams Per Week No. of Views Per Stream Average Live Viewers Per Stream
Fernando Habegger JNandezPoker 31,800 58,900 1-2 10,000 – 20,000 100 – 150
Lex Veldhuis RaSZi 319,600 136,000 1-3 4,000 – 5,000 1,200
Benjamin Spragg Spraggy 166,300 80,000 1-2 20,000 – 25,000 1,200 – 1,400
Jaime Staples PokerStaples 158,300 98,800 1-2 200 – 800 50 – 100
Daniel Negreanu DNegsPoker 140,800 816,600 2-1 20,000 – 25,000 400 – 800

How to Follow Your Favorite Poker Streamers on Twitch

To follow your favorite live poker streamer on Twitch is very easy. Just follow this four-step process below which will show you how to follow these players and how to watch poker online.

  1. Step 1 - Sign up to Twitch

    Your first step in following your favourite player is to sign up for a Twitch Account
    Step 1 - Sign up to Twitch
  2. Step 2 - Log in to Your New Twitch Account

    Once you have received your account set up confirmation, you can now log into your new Twitch Account
    Step 2 - Log in to Your New Twitch Account
  3. Step 3 - Search for Your Favorite Poker Player

    As you see in the screenshot, search the name of the player or player alias and then click their name once it appears in the list
    Step 3 - Search for Your Favorite Poker Player
  4. Step 4 - Now Follow

    Now just click the purple heart as shown in the screenshot. You are now following, and can get alerts whenever they go live on Twitch.
    Step 4 - Now Follow

Which Poker Rooms Do Streamers Play At?

When we talk about Poker Rooms in this guide, we are talking about online poker rooms rather than offline or live casino poker rooms.

Every player has their favorites, and here are the rooms where you will find our top 5 players plying their poker skills regularly. You never know, you might hit a table with one of these superstars of the pro poker community.

Player Favorite Poker Room
Fernando Habegger CoinPoker
Lex Veldhuis Poker Stars
Benjamin Spragg Poker Stars
Jaime Staples No Specific Room
Daniel Negreanu GGPoker

What is the Top Recommended Poker Room?

There are a ton of great poker rooms on the internet but the one that stands out to us is CoinPoker which is also the choice of our number 1 player in this guide Fernando Habegger.

CoinPoker is a “crypto-only” poker room and has a great selection of games to play including Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, and 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha.

They always have a great selection of tournaments to play, with freebuys and freerolls, turbo and hyper tournaments, satellites, progressive knockouts, and of course the traditional rebuy tourneys, all with low initial buy-ins.

150% Deposit Bonus Up To $2,000


150% Deposit Bonus Up To $2,000

  • Established by TonyG, a renowned poker professional and high-stakes cash game participant.
  • Link your MetaMask wallet for deposits, securely transfer to the CoinPoker wallet, or deposit from an exchange.
  • Experience fully anonymous, instant withdrawal crypto poker.
5 Stars
Play Now

How to Choose Which Poker Streamers to Follow

To find the best poker streamers, the ones that are regularly going live and posting the best content, then visiting will give you a who’s who of the very best.

Here are five tips to help you find the best streamer to follow.

  • Make sure to check out the style of delivery. Does it align with your personality? Are you looking for off-the-wall funny or a serious learning experience? Check our top ten and see who resonates with you.
  • Check out poker statistics sites like The Hendon Mob,, and
  • Watch some live streams and see how the player interacts with the audience in a live chat
  • Make sure the player you choose is not just streaming, but teaching strategy
  • Look at the player’s past live streams to check if they are providing valuable content

Conclusion: Poker on Twitch

When you have a player like Daniel Negreanu taking the time to stream poker and produce content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, it shows that live-streaming poker, and online poker itself, is only going to get bigger.

With Twitch now getting more live viewers than YouTube and Facebook combined, it is clear this platform is only going to grow in the future.

Being able to watch players play in their favorite poker rooms means big business for the poker industry as a whole. Maybe you’ll be the next big thing and start your own Twitch TV poker channel.

CoinPoker ambassador Fernando Habegger spoke to us about how he views Twitch as an opportunity to not only show off his poker skills but to also share his poker strategy by teaching others.

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