Guest author TJ Thinakaran, of CallFire, recently told you that voice app creation is important. But where to start? QuickFuse is a simple point-and-click voice app creation service from automated telephony provider Plum Voice, which the company calls “Yahoo! Pipes for voice apps.” Plum Voice has announced that over 10,000 users have created voice apps with the service.

QuickFuse enables non-technical users to create voice applications from their web browsers. The apps created can range from simple call routing to complex back-end integration and voice recognition. QuickFuse includes a basic database for using business data in voice applications, but can also use external databases.

Plum Voice cites the following example use-cases:

  • Virtual receptionists
  • Notification systems
  • Order-taking hotlines
  • Automated surveys
  • Bill pay systems

Enabling non-technical users to create apps and solve problems through simple point-and-click development is an emerging trend in enterprises – KickApps and JackBe, for example, are offering ways of building web and desktop apps through simple interfaces. Giving non-technical staff the ability to manage voice systems, instead adding more work to overburdened IT staff, is a logical extension of this trend.

klint finley