A lot of Twitter users are currently getting this direct message: “rofl this you on here?” and a URL. It’s the latest in a series of phishing scams that have been making the rounds on Twitter lately. The link in this message will take you to a Twitter login page that looks almost like the real thing but is actually just a way for the phishers to harvest your login credentials. Once the scammers have access to your account, they will send out more of these messages to your friends.

It is currently hard to say if this is just a bit of a prank or if there are more nefarious motives behind this. The domain name used in the scam was only registered today. The user who registered the domain is from China and his email address has been linked to a number of similar scams.

Unlike most previous phishing scams, these messages arrive as DMs from people you probably know and trust, so it’s quite easy to fall for this one. For now, just remember to make sure you check what links you click on and if somebody asks you if that’s really you in the video, just assume it’s not and move on.

If you already fell for the scam, make sure you change your Twitter password immediately.

frederic lardinois