Geeks We Envy No. 6: Larry Page



Page wasn’t just in the right place at the right time when he helped create Google. He won because he built a better product. To this day, Google’s PageRank is the cornerstone of Google’s dominance, the center of the massive SEO economy that’s grown up around it, and the reason Google could justify building Android. He also balances rock-star living with untouchable geek credentials.

Why He’s a Geek: Son of two computer science professors. Inventor of Google’s PageRank, which was named after him.

Why we envy him: Any tied-for-15th-richest-American guy can have a model wife, but Larry’s is also a super-smart scientist, and Richard Branson was the best man at their wedding on Branson’s private island. He probably got there on his 10-suite, 193-foot superyacht, but he may have taken the 767 he shares with his Google co-founder, now that they’ve settled their differences about whether to have hammocks or king-sized beds in the bedrooms. They went with some of both.

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