Seesmic, a third party client for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, updated its iPhone app today. One the biggest additions is support for's Chatter service. Seesmic has offered Chatter support in its desktop application since September, and beta support for Chatter is already available on Android. Seesmic also added support for in-line previewing of Instagram photos. launched its own Chatter iPhone app in September. But for individuals or teams that need support for multiple social networks, this new app could be a boon.

According to Seesmic, the highlights for this update include:

  • Salesforce Chatter: Easily and securely collaborate with your coworkers from your iPhone. We use Chatter here at Seesmic, and if you haven't tried it yet, iPhone users, you have no more excuses. Chatter is waiting for you in your pocket.
  • Add your Chatter account as a Space in Seesmic for iPhone and access your timeline, groups and contacts.
  • View your contacts' profiles, comment on posts, and post photos or links to Chatter from the composer.
  • Uploading photos: Manage and preview your attachments before you hit send.
  • Instagram fans? Yes, now you can view inline previews of Instagram photo links

Hopefully this means other enterprise social networks such as Socialcast and Yammer - both of which are already available in the desktop version of Seesmic - will come to Android, the iPhone and other mobile devices as well.