Finding the perfect movie list that fits your preferences can be a chore. With thousands of movies and even more movie lists comprised of "the greatest", most won't amount to your standards. Flickchart is a new service that aims to be your one stop portal for finding the best movies.

Rating and Ranking

A recently launched private beta service, Flickchart works by giving you two movies to choose which is best. The more movies you rate, the better Flickchart can return a valuable list of results. Though you can choose between the two movies, Flickchart keeps in mind that you may not have seen one or even both of the choices and provides corresponding options. You can choose to rank all of the movies on Flickchart, the movies currently showing in theaters, movies by year, or movies by decade. Of course you'll see movies more than once, which helps the rating system better determine the value of your choices. Ratings are quick and simple, though the movies choices may be a bit tough.

Extra Features

After rating movies, you can view your list of rated movies and where they rank. Movies move up and down the list based on your rating. Flickchart also provides you with your ranking and the overall ranking of your most recent movie choices. You can also start a discussion about your choices if it happened to be a tough one. Made a bad choice? Undo it. Can't decide between the two? You can view a trailer of each movie right from the service to help make your decision.The more movies you rate, the better you'll be ranked among other users of the service.

"As you continue to rank more films, Flickchart will gradually add in more obscure movies to show you. We also give your rankings a point value that increases the more you rank - so someone with only 75 movies ranked will have significantly less influence on the global charts than someone with 1000 movies ranked."

The social aspects of Flickchart are a little vague right now. While you can add friends and participate in discussions, there really isn't much more to it. The developers, Nathan and Jeremy, plan to implement commenting on the movies and user profiles in the future. They're actively developing ways for people to be able to easily find one another and form groups around movies. With these future additions, friends could easily set up a group to get together for a movie night that consists of movies that no one in the group has yet to see.

Break Out the Popcorn!

Heading to the personal page of each movie provides movie stats and a link directly to Amazon and eBay in case you'd like to purchase a movie. Netflix integration is on the way. You can view the best or worst movies of all time among a host of other charts. Essentially, the service is great for picking out the perfect movie for a get together or for finding movies that you might find interesting but have yet to see. There's a ton of goodies on Flickchart for the casual movie viewer all the way up to the biggest movie buff.