Samsung stuffed a lot of features into its latest Galaxy S4. Enough to pack a Broadway play, apparently. With all the new apps, functions, gestures, camera controls and kittenkaboodles, it’s plenty difficult just to figure out what’s actually new and exciting about the Galaxy S4. 

There’s a good chance that you’re never going to use half of these apps. Others may make you throw your smartphone through a window — say, for instance, if because every time you look away from your phone, the video you were watching stops playing. What is Dual Video Calling anyway? What, exactly, is the deal with all these different camera features?

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Product pages filled with specs and flashy names (WatchON! ChatOn! Smart Scroll! Drama Shot!) for features don’t really tell the whole story. Sometimes you just need to see things in action.

Samsung did us a favor and made this four-minute favor overviewing everything new in the Galaxy S4. Check it out below.

What’s the most useful new feature of the Galaxy S4? What’s the most innane? Let us know in the comments. 

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