TweetReach has a cool stream graph that takes all of the speculation out of who was being talked about when during Sunday night's broadcast of the Grammy Awards.

No surprise: Adele topped the evening's Twitter activity with 340,000 mentions. The official #grammys hashtag was tweeted 2.1 million times by 700,000 users.

"That's huge, bigger than other similar events," TweetReach founder Jenn Deering Davis said in an email. "Musicians have the largest followings on Twitter (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift all have 10+ million followers), compared to film or television stars, politicians, brands, etc."

While the sudden death of Whitney Houston may have prompted more people to watch the show (it was the second-most view broadcast of the Grammy's in history), it did not generate a significant amount of additional second-screen activity on Twitter: of those 2.1 million tweets, only 66,000 mentioned Houston.

According to TweetReach, the most-talked about artists during the 2012 Grammy Awards were:

  1. Adele: 340K tweets
  2. Chris Brown: 152K tweets
  3. Nicki Minaj: 85K tweets
  4. Rihanna: 81K tweets
  5. Taylor Swift: 68K tweets
  6. Whitney Houston: 66K tweets
  7. Bruno Mars: 60K tweets
  8. Foo Fighters: 52K tweets
  9. Lady Gaga: 43K tweets
  10. Katy Perry: 41K tweets

Each colored layer represents tweets about one artist. The spikes on the graph illustrate tweet volume throughout the show. You can also view an interactive version of the above chart.

Photo courtesy of ShutterStock.