DigitalTown looks to ease pain of smart city transformation

DigitalTown’s new cloud-based platform is aimed at helping municipalities transform into smart cities. The Bellevue, Wa.-based startup recently launched its new smart city platform.

The cloud-hosted platform offers a suite of web-based tools that enable local governments to evolve into smart cities. DigitalTown also provides features that city residents and tourists can use to improve their access to services and information.

“We see DigitalTown as a comprehensive technology partner for city management. Our mission is to empower mayors and city managers to provide frictionless services to residents, as well as cost savings and new revenue sources for local governments,” said firm CEO Rob Monster. “City websites powered by DigitalTown will be a magnet for community and economic development.”

The platform enables visitors and residents to access real-time data concerning municipal events, tourism, safety and recreation. DigitalTown also facilitates the booking of accommodations, shopping locally and conducting transactions with the city.

“It’s a complete solution,” said Donald Boeder, Mayor of Gaylord, Minn. where a DigitalTown pilot program was run. “With DigitalTown, we have expedited becoming a Smart City, saved money and provided an incredible service to our residents.”

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The platform allows municipal administrators to enable web-based services for business permitting, licensing and asset management.

It also facilitates the promotion of “buy local” campaigns by cities, that allow town merchants to springboard off the platform to reach potential customers around the world.

“We are bringing cities advanced digital technology that can serve as the homepage for the entire community,” said Monster. “Our solution is easy for residents to use, and for city governments to implement in a way that can become a standard for counties, districts and states. We believe we have developed the most comprehensive Smart City platform in the space.”

This comes as many municipal governments are finding themselves overwhelmed with the endless choices for smart city projects. Some experts in the field have advised city leaders to take a step back and develop multi-year roadmaps to guide smart city infrastructure investments.

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