myDevices and Arduino announced on Tuesday a partnership that connects Cayenne, a drag-and-drop Internet of Things (IoT) project builder, with Arduino’s large open-source hardware developer boards.

Developers are now able to use Cayenne to visualize sensor data and control components of the Arduino board. myDevices claims the partnership will expedite IoT deployments, because its project builder removes a lot of the arduous manual steps.

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“The ability to build and manage IoT prototypes with Cayenne’s full-featured IoT Project Builder is as easy as drag, drop, and configure,” said the company.

Most IoT tool providers have partnered with Arduino, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and IBM. myDevices is coming to the party late, but it says that compared to the standard method, its project builder is six times faster and removes 27 manual steps.

“We are especially excited about this partnership with myDevices since it easily enables Arduino users to create a clean graphical user interface that anyone can operate,” said Kathy Giori, vice president of operations at Arduino. “Giving developers the tools to build prototypes and products quickly, without having to learn advanced programming, makes it possible for entrepreneurs to take part in the booming IoT market.”

“We’re seeing many projects turn into commercial business because of the democratization of these technologies. This partnership combines affordable hardware and intuitive software to help developers bring ideas to life,” she added.

myDevices entrant more “drag and drop”

Cayenne is more drag-and-drop than hard coding, so hopefully this partnership will also expand IoT developments in classrooms and for first timers that haven’t had programming experience. myDevices does provide ways for more experienced engineers to get more from the devices, but it is primarily aimed at novices.

“There has been an overwhelming response to Cayenne from end-users, industry media, and analysts since Cayenne’s debut at the beginning of the year,” says Kevin Bromber, CEO of myDevices. “Existing Cayenne users have just surpassed four billion IoT events on our platform utilizing features such as threshold alerts, sensor history and rules engine triggers.

“This release of Cayenne with Arduino support is yet another key milestone in our objective to expand availability and eventually make Cayenne the industry standard for IoT project building, similar to how AutoCad is the de facto software for architects and 3D visualization.”

Cayenne is available for Arduino developers today and it already supports other open initiatives like Raspberry Pi.