Ecobyte pollution monitoring system takes IIoT hackathon prize

Ecobyte created a pollution monitoring system that took home the $5,000 cash grand prize and a set of Amazon Echos at the Industrial IoT Hackathon, held at this week’s SEMICON West in San Francisco.  

Their solution, a pollution awareness platform for tomorrow’s smart cities, leverages Intel’s Edison board connected to the Intel Grove Air Quality Sensor as the hardware component to collect pollution data, IBM’s Bluemix-cloud platform to provide holistic pollution information for a city, and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to provide interactive, hands-free air pollution status to city residents.  

“It’s amazing how fast we were able to implement our idea, a proof point that IoT and the cloud are becoming so much more accessible to the developer community. That’s going enable a whole new wave of innovation,” said Al Linke, team leader at Ecobyte.

SEMICON IIoT hackathon first of a series

The Industrial IoT Hackathon at SEMICON West is one of the first in a series of ReadWrite hackathons to support the IoT ecosystem through engagement with the developer community.  

Other winning solutions included a smart irrigation system using Amazon Alexa, a smart controller for freezer energy optimization using Intel’s new IoT Gateway, and a smart chat box to monitor and troubleshoot your machines using Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud platform for IoT and IBM Watson Dialogue and Retrieve and Ranking service.

“The event was an incredible learning experience for us. It is amazing how fast we were able to implement our idea using the technology from the sponsors,” said Ecobyte’s Linke.

What is amazing is the opportunity for industry to access developer talent to create more efficient, sustainable, and safe systems using IoT.

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