Dell has announced the 16 winners of its “Connect What Matters” Internet of Things (IoT) contest, alongside announcing new and promoted partners for its IoT Solutions Partner Program.

The Connect What Matters contest has been running since October 2015, and asked for companies big and small to submit IoT ideas. Dell and Intel hosted the contest, and the overall winner is V5 Systems, an outdoor security platform for industrial IoT projects.

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V5 Systems uses solar power to create an IoT network that does not require cables, providing a fully wireless platform. The company says that its platform, which works with Dell OEM Services and uses Edge Gateway protocol, can be effective in government, military, transportation, and agricultural industries.

While it doesn’t specify how much of the $600,000 goes to the winner, but we assume V5 Systems will receive a decent portion. That comes on top of new partnerships and customers the achievement is bound to draw in.

Dell also selected another five prize winners this time:

  • Eigen Innovations – Process, control, and quality management in industrial manufacturing, using video analytics.
  • Iamus – An IoT platform that wants to make smart homes even smarter, by using cloud computing to analyze and provide insights on consumer needs and behavior.
  • – A “do it all” firm that wants to build IoT systems for all types of industries. Turned a manually-dependent farm into a highly analytical and autonomous operation.
  • Riptide – Well known for its military defense simulations, alongside SaaS solutions for retail IoT systems.
  • Software AG – One of the largest companies in the competition, the German IT giant built a predictive maintenance solution that uses machine learning.


And on top of the “Connect What Matters” results, Dell also announced new and promoted partners in its IoT Solutions Partner Program. VMWare — part of EMC, the company Dell announced it was acquiring for $67 billion last year — is part of the program, as well as Eurotech, Nokia, V5 Systems, Exara, FogHorn, and DGLogik.

Dell claims that the addition of new services gives customers extensive platform options, while the promotions show that services can advance if they meet the success criteria.