With video gaming being an integral part of many kid’s lives, a game design company located in the US, Supersuit, has globally introduced the first wearable platform “SuperSuit.”

This wearable smart suit blends gesture control technology with outdoor gaming, taking video gaming outside into the sun and fresh air, and away from T.V. screens.

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The suit consists of two pieces, a vest and a glove.  The laser tags on the gear work with gesture control technology.  The glove enables players to interact with each other and shoot laser beams, while the vest records the amount of hits and displays scores in light form and audio.

First introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, this “SuperSuit” reduces the amount of time spent on a screen, encouraging physical activity while increasing social interaction as well.

“Outdoor gaming is slowly losing its relevance owing to the shrinking outdoors in urban spaces and safety concerns in suburbs. We are determined to bring back gaming in its true avatar by amalgamating the concept of outdoor gaming with gesture-control technology,” states Rajat Dhariwal, co-founder and CEO of Supersuit.

The smartphone app that accompanies the suit allows parents to keep track of their kid’s fitness data and know their location when they are outside playing.

The brains behind this supersuit

The company has hired, Alice Brooks, the founder of the wired toy building company Roominate. Along with her, Rajiv Patel, creator of the first FitBit mobile app and owner of the product development studio, Lift Projects, has also been appointed to lead the design team.

“We are excited to have toy industry veteran Alice and UX expert Rajiv on board the SuperSuit team with a shared vision of an active and balanced childhood,” Dhariwal says.

The company is set to receive more investment from Ratan Tata along with the founders of some other companies, Flipkart, Ola Cabs and Freshdesk.

The most recent funding is coming from Ratan Tata, chairman of the TATA conglomerate. The company has raised over $2.5 million so far. ‘SuperSuit’ will be available for pre-order this September.

This suit may be intended for kids, but it sure looks like it would be a blast for many adults as well.