After more than a year, Netflix got its open-source Spinnaker project off the ground on Monday.

Designed to replace Asgard, its Amazon Web Services cloud-management system, and created alongside Google, Microsoft and Pivotal, the “Continuous Delivery platform” lets companies hook into and deploy assets across two cloud providers at the same time.

“Spinnaker facilitates the creation of pipelines that represent a delivery process that can begin with the creation of some deployable asset (such as an machine image, Jar file, or Docker image) and end with a deployment,” wrote Andy Glover, Netflix’s manager of delivery engineering, in a company blog post. The company explains that Spinnaker offers an “out-of-the-box setup, and according to Google, engineers can make and reuse the pipelines on different workflows.

Netflix adds that it’s working on Microsoft Azure support, which will join Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry and AWS. For Asgard users, the existing assets are compatible with Spinnaker.