If the people want bigger screens on their iPhones, then bigger screens is what Apple CEO Tim Cook will give them, according to the latest report. 

Apple will unveil two iPhones with larger screens on Tuesday in Cupertino, the New York Times reports. Expanding the current sharp-edged 4-inch iPhone screen size into “phablet” territory, one model will measure 4.7 diagonal inches; another, more expensive, versionwill measure 5.5 diagonal inches. Both will feature rounded edges. 

The 5.5-inch iPhone is a significant leap in size over the Samsung Galaxy S5’s 5.1-inch screen; even the smaller iPhone will almost rival the older Galaxy S3 in size (and it struck many reviewers as huge upon its release). As the NYT points out, Apple’s move is an obvious attempt to win back smartphone sales lost to the Galaxy series over the past few years.

Other iPhone news expected on Tuesday include: 

  • Near-field communication  (NFC) software and hardware, which allows the iPhone to communicate wireless with other devices and act as a digital wallet.
  • An updated interface with an optional “one-handed mode,” for users who prefer to type or use apps with the second hand free. 

Also on deck for Tuesday is the long rumored Apple “iWatch,” which could still be named almost anything. It’s a smartwatch that will monitor health and fitness, make mobile payments and offer other mobile computing tools such as navigation.

Like the new iPhones, the Apple smartwatch is expected to come in two sizes, both of which will feature flexible screens. The NYT reports that the wearable device isn’t likely to ship until next year.

Prices will likely be announced on Tuesday.

Lead image by Blake Patterson